Hogwarts, Here I Am - Chapter 3

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Cassandra fell off the seats as Ron shoved her off roughly.

"Hey! What was that for?" Cassandra glared at Ron, rubbing her sore back.

"Sorry," Ron said, not sounding apologetic at all,"It's just that I saw Hogwarts, and it's so much more cooler than the pictures!"

"Oh really, let me see!" she pushed him back from the window, longing to get a sight of the new school she was going to.

And there it was, right in front of her, Hogwarts, the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Its mystical aura chilled through her spine but she was quickly interrupted from my thoughts.

"Admiring the view are you, never seen the likes of it before have you? I bet you wouldn't, coming from a filthy, poor Muggle orphanage like yours." Malfoy sneered as he swaggered in with two burly looking fatsos.

"Ah well, these are Crabbe and Goyle. You can stop gaping now."

"Wh- I wasn't gaping, you puny little coward! I'm pretty sure you wouldn't need personal bodyguards if you were a man and could look after yourself." Cassandra fired back indignantly.

Malfoy was probably going to say something even ruder, but he kept his mouth shut as Hogwarts Express screeched to a mighty halt.

"We're here!" she exclaimed, grabbing Ron and Harry's collars and shoving past Malfoy deliberately.

With a handful of luggage, the trio managed to get themselves through the crowd of first years.

"Whew! We actually managed to make it through." Harry said quietly, speaking for the first time as we walked out of the storage room, our hands finally free.

"I know," Rom agreed as his stomach rumbled. "But really, I'm so hungry I could eat a hippogriff."

"What's that?!" Cassandra and Harry both asked at the same time.

"You guys seriously need to know more about the wizarding world, but first, we need to do our sorting."

"Sorting? What sorting?" Cassy asked, even more bewildered.

"Well, there are 4 houses, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Gryffindor's for the brave and Hufflepuff's for the softies. Ravenclaw is for the pompous nerds (here he jabbed a finger at Hermione Granger) and Slytherin's for the baddies. You-know-who went there." Ron added, shuddering involuntarily.

Finally, they had reached the hall. Candles lit every inch of the ceiling which was now a beautiful dark purple with twinkling stars, peeping out of the billowy great clouds. All the first years were dazzled by the sight that met them.

Cassy, Ron and Harry quickly joined the crowd at the front of the hall when Dumbledore broke into an announcement about welcoming the first years.

Soon, everything was quiet again until a prim sharp-eyed teacher came walking in to the centre of the front table with a mangy old hat.

All the first years hardly noticed the hat at all but the other years stared at it as though it were a piece of gold. Suddenly, the hat began to groan and move. It broke into song, singing in a ridiculously tone deaf voice about the four houses.

"Well then, we will now be beginning the Sorting ceremony. This is the Sorting hat, as you may already have guessed, and I will shortly be reading out all your names as you go and put the hat on." Professor McGonagall said.

Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy and even Harry Potter was gone but Cassy waited until there was a short "Cassandra Varens" shouted out from the professor.

With extremely jelly knees, Cassy walked up to the stool, feeling the sea of eyes bore into her back. Carefully, she placed the hat on her head and waited expectantly for the answer.

"Ah, well you're another tricky one. I haven't had your kind before. Beats me, you have qualities of all the houses!" the Sorting hat exclaimed as everyone else watched in silence. "You've got great ambition, you're extremely clever, I've never seen anyone as loyal as you are and to top it all, you're very brave indeed!"

"Well then, you must choose yourself, don't you think, Cassandra?" Dumbledore said, quirking up an eyebrow.

"Yes, well, I suppose so..." Cassy hesitated, "I-I think I-I'd like to be in, um, Gryffindor with the others." she mumbled.

"Right-ho then. BETTER BE...GRYFFINDOR!" the Sorting hat wheezed.

Cassy quickly took the hat off as the Gryffindor table erupted into cheers and the other houses looked at her, disappointed...especially Draco. But Cassy quickly let that thought pass.

She sat down at the Gryffindor table, chatting away to her newly-found friends as she tucked in to the best and only feast she had ever had.
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