Sister's love

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The Kingdom of Fiore It's a stable neutral country with a population of 17 million.
It is a world filled with magic.
Magic is traded like common goods.
It has become a part of daily life.
And there are people who use magic to make a living.
Those people are called "Mages".
Mages belong to various guilds and perform their jobs on request.
Countless guilds have been formed in this country.
And there's a certain mage guild located in a city.
In past times no, even now, it's still creating legends Its name is Fairy Tail.

You skipped happily down the streets of Magnolia. You were out in the town with your sister (sisters name). She was going to buy you dinner and you were excited. She always treat you to the best meals. You walked close to the canal and laughed.
"Hey (y/n), your walking close to the edge be careful not to fall in" The passers said as they rode their boat by. You laughed more.
"I'm not going to fall in" You said and then misplaced your foot. You nearly fell in. You would have if your sister hadn't put her arm around you. She was 2 years older than you and a wizard. She was a member of the fairy tail guild. She swore she would teach you magic one day but she never got round to it because she was always on jobs. You didn't bother going to fairy tail to see if they would let you join because you wasn't a wizard. (sisters name) was a rhinestone wizard. She had hundreds of stones and they all did different stuff. You wish you could do that but the stones never did anything for you. (sisters name) told you it was because they only work for one person, a blood contract, kind of like a celestial spirit only comes out of the spirit world for the wizard it is contracted to.

"So where do you want to go eat?" (sisters name) asked and you ran to the nearest cafe.
"This will do!" You yelled excitedly.
"Hey (y/n), because i love you and today is our bonding day, ill take you to fairy tail and one of the people there can teach you magic" (sister) said. Your eyes widened and a smile grew on your face.
"FOR REAL!" You yelled. She nodded and ordered your food. You were so excited and was struggling to stay still in your seat. You kept fidgeting.
"Have you got ants in your pants or something?" (sister) said.
"Im sorry im just SOO EXCITED!" You chirped. The food came. You were presented with a steak meal with mushy peas and gravy. You wasn't fond of chips so you never got any. (sister) was eating rice balls and you were having a conversation about boys.

"So who do you think is the fittest boy in fairy tail?" You asked. You knew your sister didn't really know what 'fit' meant but you wanted to know if she had a crush on anyone.
"Well... let me think... i kind of find Elfman quite attractive, but hes no Loke." She said. 'Elfman and Loke ill have to remember those names' You thought to yourself. You didn't know hardly anyone in fairy tail because you never went, but you did know Cana and Mira-Jane, (sister) often brought them home with her. They were good friends of hers.

(Sister) payed for the meals while you waited for her outside. You leant against the wall, yours (h/l) (h/c) hair blowing in the wind. You looked around the happy streets of magnolia, or what you could see off it, and you looked at all the people. Most of them were laughing or smiling. Most of them. One guy, who was in a black trench coat and fedora hat, was looking straight at you. You were staring at him for a while then your sister came out of the shop.
"Hey (y/n), ready to go?" She asked. You never stopped staring at the man. "you ok? (Y/n)?" She was waving her hand in front of your face. You blinked a few times snapping back into focus. She tells you that you should get going so you nod and go. 

It started to rain. Its funny how the weather can flip. The guy you was staring at earlier was following you. His eyes seemed dark. Perhaps he's the reason for the rain. You turn run in front of (sister) splashing in puddles. When you turned back you saw the man holding onto her hair with a blade up to her throat.
"(sister)!" You yelled. Another man, identical to the original one, grabbed you.
"Look I caught some fairy bugs" The man laughed. Both men spoke the same thing at the same time with the same voice. (sister) started to laugh.
"Fairies aren't bugs" she said. 'Are you stupid, youll get us both killed' you thought.
"oh yeah, well the get crushed liked bugs so they are bugs" the man said. The man who had hold of you, dug the knife into your throat slightly, causing a small cut. You cried in fear as you struggled to get out of his grip.

"LET THEM GO!" a woman's voice called. You looked at her. The woman had red hair and armor on. She held a sword in hand. The man laughed.
"More fairy bugs" He stabbed (sister) through her back and threw her onto the floor. The second guy vanished, making you fall to the floor also. You crawled quickly to your sister. The woman had requipped into some more armor. This armor looked like a dress made from metal and she had many swords around her in a circle. The guy was stood there. He multiplied so there was 5 of him. A flame hit one, ice froze another and 1 of them was taken out by a giant bull swinging an axe. The woman's swords went straight towards the last one and they were all out. Each person had a fairy tail symbol on them, just like (sister)'s, from what you could see. 

You looked down at her. Tears streaming from your eyes.
"(y/n), be strong okay" She said as a tear came from her eye. You held her hand tightly.
"Your going to be alright (sister). Your going to be alright" you panicked.The group rushed to her side. "Stay with us (sisters name), we need you" The red haired woman said in her stern, scary voice. If she was saying that to you,you would have definitely lived of fear she would kill you. (a/n- totally trolling now) You couldn't hold tears back.
"(y/n)" your sister said. Everyone looked at you, "Remember i love you" she said.
"I love you to. Now stay with me (sister) i need you to look after me, please dont leave me. Your my only family" You cried.
"Ill always be with you.. here" she pointed to your heart then her hand fell. Her breathing became slow and sloppy. "Remember.. i... love.. you" Her eyes shut and she went cold. You clung onto her body. You screamed her name.
"BIG SISTER!" You yelled as you got pried off of her. The blonde girl cried. The red haired woman and black haired boy stood quiet. The pink haired boy was yelling saying  that she cant be dead. You was in the black haired boys arms. (sisters) last words flowing fresh in your mind. 'Remember i love you'

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