A Curse of Luck (A kidnapped story) (21)

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"Um Will- I mean Kieran, how-when- when is Will getting control back?"

He stops eating completely and just sits there. He slowly looks at me with a frown on his face.

"Do you want him to come back?"

"Well, yes, I mean I have a lot of questions for him, and I kind of need his help with something, so when will he come back?"

He releases a sigh, "what if I don't want to give him control?"

I freeze is he being serious? He has to let him get control back, doesn't he?

What if he doesn't, what if I won't ever get to see Will again?


Whitney's (pov)

"You're joking right?" I give a concern look, he can't do that. Can he?

His face pulls into a deeper frown and his whole demeanor has changed. "Does it look like I'm joking?" He questions.

Is he being serious right now, well he definitely looks it but why is he all upset?

"No it doesn't look like your joking, but you can't be serious. You have to let Will get control back."

"Do I? I don't remember you being in charge of me, I don't have to do anything." He says in a condescending tone and returns to eating.

I don't know what to say or to think, why is he being like this? I need to speak with Will, and Kieran needs to grow up and stop acting like a baby.

"I never said you had to do anything, but I need to speak to Will; I need his help." I glare slightly at him, if he's going to have an attitude than so will I.

"I can help you, you don't need his help, whatever it is I'll help you." His face has perked up as if he just solved an extremely hard math problem.

"Well, I- I don't think so, I need to sort this out with Will. I need to know why he agreed with escorting Cara."

"Does it really matter why he did? You might not like the answer you get. Besides I'm the one with majority over our powers so I could be much more helpful than he. You don't need him when you have me."

Can you say arrogant much, I can. But if I think about it Kieran could be a lot of help with him having powers, but on the other hand I don't know if I can trust him. With Will, at least I don't have to worry about him trying to kiss me, and I know I can trust him to help.

So to sum it up I trust Will more than I do Kieran, even if they are technically the same being.

 What if Kieran is right, and I don't like what Will might say, no- no- no I can't see him doing anything like that. I can't see him agreeing with giving Cara away like a package, he just wouldn't.

"What do you mean when you say you have the majority of your powers? Doesn't Will also have powers?"

He snorts, "The only kind of powers he really has is better hearing, smelling, sensing, strength, and second sight. Other than that if you're ever in real danger he is useless."

"Second sight?"

"It's communicating through your mind." He gives me a duh look, like I should have known that.

"Will can do that?"

"I doubt he is aware he can, but when you yelled for help the first time from inside your mind, his mind heard you. I'm very surprised and impressed that you can do this too. But that just shows your demon genes are becoming more prominent, but it also takes a strong mind."

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