Careful what you wish for

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Somebody’s POV:

I awoke to the high pitched wails of my phone’s ringtone. What time is it? I wondered whilst rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.  Ah…I overslept…I sighed and stared at the still ringing phone. Let’s see, if I focused on humming with the back of my throat I could make voice that sounded hoarse. I prepared myself before I pressed the “Talk” button.

“Hello?” I whispered before coughing erratically.

“Miss Lenon? Why weren’t you in your classes today? Do not think that just by being a Lenon you can get away with skipping class. Our university has zero tolerance for such tomfoolery. We pride ourselves on fairness and equal-” I cut off the tirade before it blew my ears off.

“I’m terribly sorry. I seem to have caught a cold and did not want to spread it. Thank you for your concern.” I hung up the phone before she could say anymore and let out a breath of exasperation. Any other student would not have gotten such a phone call for a mere absence, especially not from a university. However, I suppose I wasn’t any other student. I was the adopted daughter of the highest contributor for donations to the university, the fourteen year old intelligent enough to skip all the grades up to a post-secondary education and get into the highest ranked university in the world. Of course, I was still nothing compared to the rest of the family. I was in that sweet spot of being accomplished yet unaccomplished enough to draw no attention whatsoever within an elite family.

I trudged through my daily routine of making myself presentable, cooking breakfast and cleaning. I hated the idea of servants or housekeepers going through my things and reporting everything to the family. No matter who it was or how I hired them, somehow every servant I obtained in the past became under the grasp of my family’s influence. It wasn’t so much that I had things to hide; it was more of an enjoyment of my privacy. I wasn’t going to have that destroyed after I went through all the trouble of getting my own apartment.

After thoroughly cleaning my apartment I decided it was a day to neglect my textbooks and read some manga. Manga was my only act of rebellion against the Lenons. My parents objected strongly against me wasting away my time with something they thought of as childish comics that seemed to only contain pictures of busty women with oversized eyes when I could be using that time to become more even more esteemed. I happily spent my afternoon reading the manga “Death Note.” Death note was my all-time favorite. It had a tremendous plotline, unlike the manga with arcs, well developed characters and an interesting concept. The logical thinking and intellect put into characters like L and Near made them relatable to me. Manga was the one joy I allowed myself in my restricted life.

“If only I could live in that world.” I wished aloud. I giggled at the thought. To be in a world where no records of me existed, where most people were smart and stimulating and the ones that weren’t would be easily manipulated. I smiled at the thought of the impossible. Suddenly, I felt something within my being lurch from my core. My legs gave way and I collapsed onto the floor unable to lift a muscle. Pain spread from my stomach into my heart and stifled the screams in my throat. The world spun above me and through the blur I saw a familiar face. Silver hair and red eyes danced over me. Her smile appeared maliciously on her flawless face and her voice echoed through the roar in my ears.

“Careful what you wish for.” Her cackles filled the room and black bat-like wings sprouted from her back.

“R-Rima?! Why are you-“ The last of my strength was wasted on astonishment before my sentence was cut off and sleep overcame the pain and smothered me in her sweet embrace.

♪♪ So...HELLO :D well after rereading my work with "Into the Death Note" after a few years I decided it was terrible work and have decided to rewrite it (yet again) because I couldn't stand that it wasn't something I thought was my best work while published. Anyways I hope you enjoy! ♪♪

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