Chapter Thirteen» A Fight Amongst The Brothers

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As a young child I had alway believed kindness can melt the strongest of hearts and forgiveness can bring lost hope again. I hadn't ever done anything remotely bad except the one time where I stole my younger brothers chocolate.

The five year old me got consumed with such guilt that I found myself falling in to a heavy fever. The regret  washing over my body. I remember my Abba telling me.  'Two wrongs don't make a right Naina ' and so after forgiving Usmaan for breaking my doll. I offered him my chocolate which he took gladly.

I've always lived my life as a quiet girl. Never crossing any boundary lines that ensured trouble and for that I was glad. I never wanted to see my parents disappointed in me. I even remember Hana telling me I should loosen up a little. That life doesn't come twice; but why commit something that will haunt that one life you have.

Many assumed I was stuck up and prude; but then again not many knew me. They judged without knowing me and that hurt sometimes. To be judged for what they think you are and not who you are. I didn't fight back when picked on. This wasn't because I was scared. It was because I didn't want trouble yet as I stared at the man infront of me; with dark brown eyes and small rough beard. I could feel my heart fall.

This is going to be the cause of some trouble.

This man was the  reason why my life was twisted upside down. It was because of him that I now have to suffer; in a loveless marriage and that; with the most cold hearted person. To walk on the face of the earth.

If there was someone who knew Omar well; it would be his brother yet that didn't stop him from walking out. He could have stayed or better yet tell my family before hand. Why ruin Mine and Omars life?

I could feel my body rigged; staring gobsmacked at the man before me. His dark eyes staring at my dull ones. " Naina " he softly whispered stopping my trains of thoughts. I could see him take a step forward; making me walk back. Not wanting to be anywhere near him; seeing hurt flash  across his face. His eyes softening.

" Naina I- I'm sorry I -" he started softly. His words echoing around the eerie hallway. I could see him step forward again;  wanting to explain himself when suddenly he halted. Hearing loud footsteps running down.

Wiping my wet face furiously.  I slowly pulled my scarf  upwards. Daring a glance at the man. Seeing the towering figure stare at us intently. His dark eyes swimming with anger.

" Saif?"  Came Omars dark voice making the man before me look up. His eyes widening slightly. The atmosphere around us seemed to thicken with the passing minute. I could see Omar step down. His figure  now standing behind me. Heavy breathing echoed behind me; making me stiffen. Finding myself trapped between the two brothers.

A long silence fell amongst us as I shifted uncomfortably; seeing Omar glare dāggers at his brother. Daring him to speak. The young man beside me stiffened; his gaze downcast, infuriating the towering figure in front of me.

" What the Fúck are you doing here? " Omar spat darkly taking a step forward. His body pressing against mine;  making me tense. I could feel Saif eyes land on me flashing with guilt; before glancing at his brothers. He took a hesitant step beside me; his eyes fixed on the man before us. Daring him  to speak.

" Brother, I came to apologize to Naina " he whispered. His voice barely coming out. I could feel Omar beside me tense, his arm wrapping around my waist; his breath fanning against my ear. Making goosebumps rise on my skin. 

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