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Chapter Eleven

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By the end of the week with very little to do, and hardly seeing Zaid, Lottie charged into his office taken him aback. "What is the meaning of this Charlotte," he asked, stunned.

She flew up to his desk in a rage, eyes wild, cheeks flushed. "That's what I'd like to know. I'm shoved away in some little corner, while 'she'," she waved a hand behind her, "is out there."

Releasing a long breath, he stood to circle the desk to stand in front of her, leaning against the desk, arms crossed. "You want me to put you out there with her?"

Her eyes widened in horror at such a thought. "Not in this life time. Why did you have to give her my job? Why are you pushing me away? Why didn't you just get rid of me?"

"Charlotte don't be silly."

"Silly," she shrieked. "Don't patronise me Zaid! You've taken everything away from me, and all I do is sit around, twiddling my thumbs."

"I know it's a bit slow, but it would pick up," he promised though watched her cagily.

"What about her!"

Shaking his dark head, he straightened. "Charlotte you have nothing to fear from Christine," he reassured. 

Pity, she didn't believe him. "And that's another thing why all of a sudden it's Christine when it used to be 'Chrissy this' 'Chrissy that'," she released a long breath, knowing she was acting childish, but it hurt, tears filling her eyes. "She's replacing me. There won't be no new contract, will there?" she challenged. He kept talking about one, but never saw a new one. It had all been verbal.

Brows netted together, he shoved hands into his pockets. "No," he admitted. Lottie gasped, stepping back in pain .

"How could you! You promised me you weren't getting rid of me! First you completely ignore me on the plane. Now shove me in some dingy space. Next it would be out the door," she cried out in pain to swing around to leave to have her wrist caught in a tight grip.

"Charlotte stop it. You're not going anywhere, and Christine isn't doing your old job. She has a new one. Works on her own separate projects to free up my time."

"Why her?" She asked placing her free hand on her hip, glaring at him.

"Because she knows what she's doing."

"And I don't," she gasped, appalled.

"You're words, not mine," he smiled. Fuming she pulled her hand free. "Dammit Charlotte, stop this behaviour. That is why I used her against you. Your jealousy was like a bull in a china shop, all over the place." She paled. "Every time I used Chrissy, your eyes darkened, lips thinned. Heaven forbid, I even talked to her too long. Out came the little green monster. Charlotte..." he reached for her hand that she pulled back.

"You were using her against me," Lottie complained. "That's just mean."

"May I remind you, you were planning on leaving me. Me, after four years. Christine did seem to annoy you, upset you, and I saw the little green monster in your eyes, often," he added in a teasing manner.

She gasped, closed her mouth, then huffed. She hated feeling the way she did, and he had set her up. "You impossible man!" tears welled up in her eyes as she spun around to leave.

"Where are you going Charlotte," he asked, sounding fed up.

"Home!" she stormed towards the door.

"Don't you dare." She stopped at his deadly tone to turn around. "You can't run from your problems, Charlotte. First you run from your family, now you want to run back to them. However, you can't because I won't let you. You're in my country, and the only way out is through me." She gasped in disbelief, staring at him in shock. He couldn't possible mean it. How could he hold her against her will. "You're still under contract. The old one."

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