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I took advanced light magic lessons from Victor for about three days and I have to say it was magnificent, it was like learning Physics from Einstein himself or Music from Mozart. It's very nice to be a mage, I tell you. It's not really about the power but the deep understanding of it that even the greatest wizard doesn't have. And now, I have those understandings too.

Anyway, my light magic lessons are over and it's time for David to teach me dark magic which, for a reason I can't quite put my hand on, is leaving me quite unsettled. Yvette had wished me luck some days earlier and I have a feeling I will really need it.

"Couldn't you have been a little bit more punctual?", I shouted at David when he finally came through the door, an hour after the appointment time he gave me- Seriously, who comes late for his own appointment?

"Let's get started", he replied, completely ignoring my ranting, and glare, as he shrugged off his cloak which I expected to fall to the floor but it just stayed hovering in the air as if on an invisible hanger. He walked up to the only other seat in the training hall, conjured up a bowl of peas which he left hovering in midair also before finally taking a seat.

"What are the peas for?", I asked, eyeing the bowl suspiciously- With David, you have to be ready for anything, I tell you.

"They're nothing to concern yourself with", he replied as he suddenly stood up again and started going over the concept of dark magic. Two minutes in and I was already distracted, allowing me to find out exactly what the peas are for.

Anytime I so much as look away from his face, he'll send a pea flying right at my head- Believe me when I say that magically thrown peas hurt more than hell.

"Dark magic is the magic that deals with the dark emotions of the soul", he explained as he walked around me, the bowl of peas following closely behind, "Unlike what many ignorant light wizards believe, we don't just conjure up darkness. We embrace it, harness it and control it because at the end of the day, we're all creatures of darkness. Now, let's get down to practicals".

Wait a frigging second! That's not all the lecture, is it? "David, you can't tell...", I didn't get to finish that statement as he suddenly sent me flying into the wall with a superbly hurting wave of grey light. I was about to get up when he sent me flying into the wall again with another blast of grey light.

"David, what in the world are you doing?", I was finally able to ask after I ducked a really sharp black light coming at my head and raised a magical barrier between us.

"Teaching you", he replied as he continued to hit my barrier with black light after black light as if it was the most normal thing in the world, "Let me see the darkness in you, Troy".

"You didn't even tell me how to get in touch with it", I said, jumping out of range as the barrier came down and its dangerous besiegers came flying at me.

"Are you that pathetic?", he asked with a really loud and evil chuckle, "No wonder it was so easy to wipe out the lot of you, your kind doesn't even deserve to be called humans not talk about magicians".

"David, you're starting to go too far", I warned as I jumped out of the way of an incoming blast of purple light. One more comment like that and I swear I'll murder that guy which, very strangely, is starting to sound like what he wants.

I tried to concentrate, I really tried, but I couldn't find the darkness, maybe I'm just not cut out to be a dark wizard. Besides, David kept interrupting my concentration with very powerful blasts hurled at me. After some time, he suddenly vanished and I was happy that I could finally concentrate.

Unfortunately for me, that joy didn't last as he suddenly reappeared beside me and gave me a really heavy punch in the face, I'm talking about a real punch with a hand here- Seriously, who punches his student during a magic lesson?

"David please, turn it down a notch", I begged after he gave me another in rib, "You're supposed to be my teacher, not enemy, remember".

"Is that what you think?", he asked with another laugh and a face that said he isn't turning anything down, "Well, Troy, I'm pleased to tell you that you're sorely mistaken". And to show me he meant every word he just said, he blasted me right in the chest with a red light which sent me falling to the floor and I felt all of my strength began to seep out of me.

Over fifteen minutes of having my butts kicked from heaven to earth and back and I still can't get an ounce of dark magic out, I think I should just give up.

"Look at the great Troy Sanders", David said in a mocking tone as he walked towards me, "It will be best if you just go and bow down to your buddy Trichloris, I think he will be kind enough to give you a position as one of his pawns".

"I'd rather die!", I shouted as I threw a punch at David and immediately, a very deep green flame- I didn't even know that fire came in that colour- shot out at him which he easily caught.

"Demon flame", he said, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth as he eyed the fire with a satisfied look, "Very impressive for a start. Next time though, don't just project your emotion. Welcome it into your body, don't fight it, let it control you until it is at its peak. Then, you assume control as you should and use it as you want. That is the concept of dark magic. Class dismissed". He left me still laying there exhausted without so much as a "I'm really sorry I kicked your butts and almost destroyed your self-confidence".

Surprisingly, I could finally feel the darkness residing next to its light counterpart and even though all my body was screaming in pain, I laughed. I have to say that this was the strangest lesson ever. But then, it's dark magic, isn't it?

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