Chapter 12

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The next day Gale calls me on the phone and tells me he will come visit us tomorrow. it's already 2 pm, where is Peeta?

"Peeta? where are you?" i call him. i have not seen him since this morning, i though he was out, but now i hear something from downstairs. I go down and see him clutching the back of the chair. Oh God, not only...

"Get out Katniss, please" his voice cracks.

"I can't leave you now" i tell him, trying to get closer.

"GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE YOU MUTT!" he screams and turns around, his face totally changed, his eyes demonic black, his mouth smirked in disgust. I am terrified, i'm so scared that i want to run in the woods and hide, but i do my best and don't move.

"Peeta please, it's not you..." i start, but he throws a chair in my direction and it almost hits me. My heart stops, i don't know what to do.

"EVERYTHING IS YOUR FAULT, BECAUSE OF YOU MY FAMILY IS BURNT NOW!" he yells at the unhuman voice and grabs my shoulder and kicks me on the wall. Ouch, my head is bleeding.

"Peeta please please please, come back to me" i cry, i bawl like a baby, what if he'll never come back?

He closes his eyes, then opens them and watches me like he sees me for the first time.

"Katniss?" he asks hesitantly.


"You are bleeding" he says, sounds terrified. "Oh my God, Katniss, what did i just do?" he touches my head and i see his blue eyes, full of tears and regret.

"That's okay..." i start.

"That's not okay and we both know that. I am a damned mutt, i should not be here, i hurt you" his voice breaks. I don't want him to cry, so i cup his face with my hands and kiss him passionately, trying to tell him with my kiss that i forgave him. he breaks the kiss first.

"What did i tell you?" he asks.

"Well. nothing special" me head still hurts as hell, but i don't want to react.

"tell me, Katniss!"

"You told me that i am a mutt and it's my fault that your family is gone." i know there's a little truth about it.

"I am really sorry" he watches a wall for several seconds. "Does your head still hurt?"

"no that's okay." he says nothing. We are sitting on the floor for about five minutes, both silent. Then he turns to me. 

"I'll help you with the cut." we stand up. I wash my head, it's not a big cut. Peeta places something on it to stop bleeding.

After 2 hours, we are sitting on the diner table, eating our dinner. He seems sad, i can't just seat there, pretend everything is okay and watch how sad and frustrated he is.

"Tell me what are you thinking Peeta."

"Nothing Katniss, i just hate my second self, the hijacked one"

"That's not your second self, it's just a bad part of you that sometimes comes up." he just sighs...

The day seems like it will never end, but finally, it's time to sleep. And i really want to sleep. When we lay to bed, i hug him and try not to think about anything.

"Katniss" he whispers suddenly.


"I miss my family." he says and my heart breaks into million pieces. All these days I've been so egoist, only thinking about myself and my family. I've never thought how hard it would be for Peeta, when his family is burnt.

"I'm sorry Peeta" i say, a single tear rolling down my cheek and dropping on his chest. "I'll be your family now."

Peeta watches me in the eyes, with a sad smile, he mumbles "Thank you" and kisses me lightly, then hugs me so tightly that it almost hurts, but i feel so good with his strong arms around me.

"Everything will be okay while we are together." i say.

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