The meaning of LOLZ

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Reading wattpad.

Me:What is the meaning of LOLZ?
Laugh Out Loud Zebras?

Suddenly i reallize something stupid.

Me:Wait,That's my book!



Me:*Sitting down and reading watpad*


Me:Aw cmon!I was getting into the best chapter!

Juan:I'm sorry but are you suppose to announce something?

Me:Oh yeah,i forgot.Give me my sandwich.

Juan:No,not that one.

Me:Am i suppose to announce that i killed someone?


Me:Or am i gonna announce that i burried him next to my-

Juan:Ok stop!You were suppose to announce that you will add some of our viewers to appear on one of our chapters!

Me:Oh yeah...I still need my sandwich-

Juan:Just tell them!

Me:Ok fine,fine.So yeah,as you heard juan,i am going to add you into a created chapter made by me.So if you want to be in the chapter then answer this questions:

Q.1.Why did the chicken cross the road?

Q.2.What kind of tree does monkey can't climb?

So yeah,if you did make me laugh on the 1st question i will pick you only the best joke will win.And if you answer the 2nd question correctly i will pick you.So either of the two you can choose to answer.May the laughter always be in your hapiness (Hunger games style!)

1st winner get a 1 follow and 2 appearance on the chapters.

2nd winner get a 1 follow and 1 appearance on the chapter.

3rd winner get no follow and 1 appearance on the chapter.

1st and 2nd runner up will get a mini chapter.

So comment now and be the lucky winner! 👍

Deadline: on Nov 1. 2015

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