Mulakat Part 1

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Part 1

Delhi railway station:

So many people are looking at the person who is entering the station. They got surprised to see the great businessman - Arnav Singh Raizada, in a railway station that too in casuals. Some girls are drooling over his handsomeness and killing looks. Some boys hated him for catching the eyes of almost every girl on the platform. The police, who were doing their duty there, followed him to secure him from people. Thanking them, he rushed towards the first class bogie of the Lucknow train followed by his driver. When he is searching for the person and went little forward, he heard a voice calling him from behind.


He turned back and went to the person

"Nani Ma... how are you Nani Ma? How was your journey?"

"I'm fine Chote... what about you? You are looking tensed? How is Anjali?" Nani asked, cupping Arnav's cheek

"We are fine Nani Ma..." Arnav replied, keeping his hand on Nani's hand on his cheek. He suddenly hugged Nani, tightly, feeling her warmth

"What's wrong Chote? Are you fine? Is there any problem in office?" Nani is worried about her grandson

Arnav was a few months baby when his mother died with cancer. After that his father was addicted to drinking, to divert his mind from his wife's death. With that addiction, he couldn't survive much. After they both died, Nani took the responsibility of both Anjali and Arnav. Anjali is Arnav's elder sister. As she is much older than Arnav, she adjusted with the surroundings and happenings around her. But as Arnav was a baby when he came to Nani's house, he took time to adjust to life. He always stayed with Nani. He never felt his Nani as Nani, he always saw his mother in her. That's why he calls her 'Nani Ma' he is very much attached to Nani than others in the family. He shares everything with her, including his official matters and his models' clinging matter. He can't stay one day without her. And now as she was away for total one week, he missed her a lot.

When she said she would be leaving to Lucknow to meet her relatives, he made a world war in the house. He locked himself and stopped eating anything. It took a lot of effort for Nani to make him understand. But when she said she would be going and coming on the train, he bluntly refused her to go. But with whom he is playing with? His NANI..., the great, mighty Arnav Singh Raizada's Nani - DEVYANI SINGH RAIZADA. At last he surrendered his fight. And now, he came to receive her from rail station. Yesterday he couldn't sleep thinking about Nani's arrival; he was super excited for his her return.

"Chote...?" not getting any reply Nani called Arnav again

Arnav broke the hug and almost pounced on her.

"What was the need to travel in this iron box? Look at the seats and the floor, how can you travel in this Nani Ma? What's the need? Why didn't you travel in flight? I'm angry at you for this", he shouted controlling his anger. He couldn't see his Nani travelling in the train

Smiling at her grandson's love towards her, she cupped his both the cheeks and said "Chote, relax... I'm fine. I came back safely; I'm in front of you, safe and sound. Why are you getting tensed about this?"

"Nani Maa please... from now on you are not allowed to travel in this iron box. I don't like this, please Nani Maa listen to me..."

"Chote this iron box has a name - train"

"Yeah... whatever... come we will leave now", he ordered his driver to take the luggage and moved to parking.

When he opened the car door for his Nani, suddenly someone bumped into him making him drop his mobile and stumbling front

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