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Nothing changed after the kiss, except for the promises we've made. I'd promised that I'd run away less, and Eleanor had promised that she would always be at the end of the road if I do. We spent the rest of the evening on the rock until everyone else decided to retreat back in the hotel and call it a day. Michael, Calum, and Ashton stayed behind around a fire with blankets around their shoulders and beers in their hands. We soon joined them, not caring about the time because it felt like it stood still as we just sat there, telling stories and laughing. They asked me why I left. Eleanor told them that it shouldn't bother them. So they lapsed back in another conversation, with my fleeing completely forgotten. I'm thankful for that.

"I want to find someone, you know? Someone who'll put up with my bullshit, and dream the same dreams as me," Michael says, the topic turning into a platform about love.

"I don't think the notion's about finding someone. I think it's more about waiting. Because if you were really meant to be with that person, life would find a way to get you two to cross paths, you know?" Eleanor offers.

Ashton chuckles. "Woah Eleanor, you're getting too deep for me to reach."

Eleanor sticks her tongue out. "No, honestly. There's a time in life where the clock ticks the right way and the flow of everything starts to make a definite pattern for this two people to meet."

"Just like the way you and Luke found each other, I'm assuming?" Calum asks, a prodding smile on his face.

Eleanor looks down, a smile on her face. "Yeah, exactly. If my mom didn't borrow my car that one day, then I wouldn't have ridden the bus and met Luke. People say it's destiny, but maybe, half of the time, it's just chance."

Michael coos and pats me on the back. "You go, bus boy."

I shake my head and smile.

"I wish this moment never ends. It's just so perfect," Ashton says as he lays down on his blanket and stares up at the sky. "I don't think I'll sleep tonight. I'll just lay here and wait for life to happen."

"Woah, Ashton, you're getting so deep that not even Adele can roll with you," Eleanor mocks with a laugh. They all let out a chorus of laughter, too.

"I try, Elle," Ashton responds with a lopsided grin.

"How about we all sleep here on the beach?" Calum proposes, laying down on the sand himself.

We all agree, so we position our blankets away from the fire, but not far enough for the heat not to reach us. Eleanor rolls up her shawl into a makeshift pillow and lays it beneath my head, telling me that she'll just use my chest as her pillow. I smile at that.

"Goodnight, guys. I love you all-" Michael yawns, "-so much. Nighty night."

Eleanor whispers a good night in my ear before snuggling in my chest. I lightly stroke her hair, loving everything about this moment. The stars are twinkling brightly, the waves are settling, as if they're about to sleep, too, the guys who are too awake to sleep are silently sharing stories amongst themselves, and Eleanor's breathing is humming in my ear, and in this moment, I'm amazingly, truly, deeply, madly, happy.


Eleanor woke me up with a kiss at six in the morning, as we were scheduled to leave at seven. Jake and Arden's reservation expires then, and they plan to travel somewhere new to celebrate their honeymoon.

We're now hauling our bags back in the cars, sweat trickling down our faces as we travel up and down the hotel with baggage in our arms. The air conditioning the hotel provides helps battle the heat, but doesn't decrease the weight of the bags I'm carrying. I insisted on helping some of the ladies with their makeup bags and such, since I basically have nothing else to do and I want to feel as if I'm actually doing something instead of just sitting around, helplessly watching the world unfold in front of me.

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