1- A Fanboy :3

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Sasukes pov

I sat in the living room on my favorite couch, looking at my Big-ass TV.

I kept channel surfing, looking for the news to see if my beloved Y/n was on when all of a sudden I saw her face on the EllenShow.

I pressed a couple channels back to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me. And there, that's when I found out she made a new music video. SHE IS SO PERFECT, I SWEAR IF I EVER HAD THE CHANCE TO MEET HER IN REAL LIFE I WILL TOUCH HER BEAUTIFUL HAIR!!

I shook my head trying to get rid of those thoughts and shivered. 'Gosh stupid fangirls are rubbing off on me' I sighed and looked at my wall. It was all covered in posters, and wall scrolls of her and her band, "Midnight~Suns"

I looked back at my tv and found out she made a new song.

FINALLY AFTER 2 MONTHS SHE MADE A NEW SONG YES!!! it's not weird, it's.. Normal, cause she is my idol...STOP LOOKING AT ME!! But anyway....

'Hello their folks!! Here I am today about to ask Y/n L/n about her new song, "Say something"!!'

'Come on!! Come on!!' I chanted in my head. And there, Y/n walked out of the curtains wearing a slim dark blue dress. Her hair was down and her make up was natural. She wasn't like any other girls.

She is perfect. She isn't like those slutty girls, she doesn't wear makeup unless it was for music videos. Goddamn, her lips are so pink, but I love it.

'Hello there, Y/n!! It's so good to see you!! So... SPILL THE BEANS!! What is your new song 'say something' about?!?' Ellen said.

'Uh well Ellen, It's more like a one-sided love... One person, has finally given his/her heart and soul to this one person, but they receive very little so they just...they just want at least to hear them say something, but in the end of the song that person who tries.... Gives up.' Y/n said.

"OH MY BELOVED, I LOVE YOU!! NOTICE ME!!!! DONT YOU WORRY!! I SHALL NEVER GIVE UP ON OUR LOVE!!!" I can't help it anymore and yelled. I was practically crying holding out my hand towards the TV.

I was about to kiss the screen when all of a sudden the door was slammed wide open. Their, was Itachi and his friends with a video camera. "See, I told you he has a huge celebrity crush on that midnight sun chick!!" Itachi yelled.

"Well, I wouldn't doubt it, she is so hot!! Un." Deidara said.

"I love her song, bring me to life, she is so good in acting." Konan said.

"I heard she is rich and makes off money from her YouTube videos. Hmm, she would be a wonderful Girlfriend indeed." Kakuzu said having many fantasies.

"OH GAWD JASHIN! Her ass is so cute, but dang she is so much younger than me..wait but then that means she is still a virgin!!! YASSSS first timers are the most dominant." Hidan said, as his pants had a huge sausage.

d defensively. "She is mine and you people are to old!" I said.

'How dare they talk about her she is to pure and innocent!!' I thought.

"She is so beautiful... I wouldn't mind sitting I front of her while I make a puppet." Sasori said.

"I agree with konan, she is a good actor. But she's to young and plus I'm taken." Pein said as he pulled konan to him.

"I would love to eat her inside out." Zetsu said as he made a slurping sound.

I shivered oh god dear help me..

"Oh well, foolish little brother, to bad you didn't hear that she is actually going back to high school by the end of next month." Itachi said ....

"WHAT?!?! WHICH HIGHSCHOOL?!?" I yelled/asked. I need to know.... Now.

"Oh, ya know....Konaha high.." He said. I flipped.

.....I hope there aren't allot of fanboys when she comes...

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