Soon ~part 5~

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You where amazed.

He had taken you to so many places.

But now you where back at your house.

You sigh sitting on your bed playing on your laptop "well you know it doesn't all last" you say

You hear your door open

"GET ON THE GROUND!" A guy says pointing a gun to you

You turn your head


You fall to the ground.


You gasp waking up "DOCTOR!?"

You calm down

"It was just a dream"

"I think...."

"(Name) I would get up I have some tea and biscuits waiting for you in the kitchen" the doctor says sweetly an you smile hopping up from bed

You tackle hug him "thankyouthankyouthankyou" you say and he smiles blushing slightly "n-no problem (name)" you let go and skip off to the table

And he sighs "I have to tell her soon..." The doctor says as he walks away into the kitchen.

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