Surounded by love

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It was a normal day for Jessie Prescott or so she thought. She went down stairs to make breakfast for the kids. She flipped over the pancakes when ... " Hey babe". "Well good morning Luke ". "Hey babe? I had a dream last night and I want it to come true ". "Ok i will make the dream come true if you stop calling be babe". Fine. "Now I believe you are going to make my dream come true". Sure what is it? Luke then shoved her against the wall and pulled her into a passionate kiss . Luke then raped her

Zuri's PO

YOU HEAR THAT!!! Zuri half whisper screamed I BET JESSIE'S IN TROUBLE!! Zuri then ran into Luke's room JESSIE ARE YOU OK!!!!!!!!!! Jessie and Luke gasped at the sight of the sight of Zuri . What are you guys doing? Zuri asked anxiously Wait are you guys...... EWWWWWWWW IM BLIND !!!!!!!!! Zuri ran away screaming Jessie then jumped out of bed and got on her clothes and rushed into Zuris room ZURI???

Go away jessie!! Zuri screamed .Zuri I didn't try to luke Made me. I don't trust you any more!!! But..... Jessie stuttered. Just go away I hate you! Tears streamed down Jessie's face she then ran down the stairs and outside she ran across the street when STOP!!!!!! Jessie tired around to face tony Dont go jessie. I ...I love you. . Jessie then wiped her tears away and hugged tony . I love you to. Tony walked jessie back to their apartment . So why did you run away? Tony asked Umm well Zuri told me she hated me. Why? Jessie knew tony wouldn't give up until he knew he whole story . Well Luke kinda ....... Kinda what? He kinda ....... Raped me ! Jessie could feel her tears come back again . Oh my god. Tony pulled Jessie into a comforting hug. I'm so sorry! No it's fine. Wait so how does this reflect on Zuri ? Well she kinda heard me screaming and walked in and she didn't realize that I was actually being raped I tried to explain but when I did she told me she hated me. Did you use protection? NO!!!! OH MY GOD I COULD BE PREGNANT!! JESSIE!!!! Tony chased after her JESSIE WHERE ARE YOU GOING!!!! TO THE STORE I NEED SOME PREGNANCY TESTS!!! OK!!!!! CAN I COME WITH!!!! SURE!!!!!! After all the screaming was over tony finally caught Up with Jessie and he went with her they walked home both nervously jessie could feel her self shaking she got home and hid what was in the bag and went upstairs to the bathroom tony stood anxiously outside the bathroom door she took two tests and let tony in while she waited tony looked into he eyes and saw her crying he pulled her into a hug. Don't worry jessie it will be ok no matter what happens it will be ok I will always be there for you the two teenagers stared into each others eyes , lips just inches away they were about to kiss when DING!! The tests were done jessie told tony to say one test when she said the other jessie breathed deeply and then let out a big sigh she looked at he test positive jessie said. Now it time for TONY'S POV. I looked at the test and I knew jessie would not be happy with it I was lost in thought until ..... Positive I heard jessie say. Positive I said . OH SHIT !!!!!!! Jessie screamed banging her head on the sink SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!! SHIT!!!!!!!! Jessie cried. Jessie stop! Tony said pulling her head up from the sink. Every thing will be alright . He looked in he eyes again and kissed her softly on the lips jessie could feel sparks and butterfly's in her stomach. Once they pulled out of the kiss there was an akward silence . I "love you Tony"."I love you Jessie." Well I guess I have to tell every body . I guess. Now onto EMMAS POV So i was in my room texting jasmine about meeting Jordan Taylor . And all she got in reply was : " Stop telling lies Emma I don't believe you". "Oh shut up you little bitch!!" Emma texted back she then turned off her phone not wanting a reply. She sat down on her bed , bored when Jessie came in telling her about a family meeting . I sat down on on the couch wondering what this was all about . Why isn't Luke here this is a family meeting right? Ravi asked ."yes it is and I already talked to Luke about it". why not with us? He asked again because it would be to akward to tell him by you guys. I then saw tony come in and kiss jessie on the lips aww i squealed. "Wait is you and tony being together why we are here "no" Jessie said

I mean we are now together but that is not what this about. Ok kids so this morning Luke came in the kitchen well he raped me. WHATTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emma and Ravi both screamed . " I know it's bad but that's not the real news since Luke and I didn't use protection ......... I'm pregnant jessie is alright we will be here we always will. Yes it is true we will be there for you like I was there for Mr. Kipling when he had diarrhea

Ravi!!!!!! I screamed 9 months later Tony my water just broke!!!!! Oh my god we gotta get you to the hospital.Tony woke up every body ZURI! EMMA! LUKE! RAVI! WAKE UP ! JESSIE'S WATER BROKE. OMG!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

AT THE HOSPITAL... PUSH JESSIE PUSH!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH Jessie screamed . Finally the baby was out . She's so beautiful tony said. Awww what did you name her? Well Emma .. I named her after you this is little baby Emma . Awwwww Jessie that's so sweet. Well I love the name Emma plus I love you. Uhh that's rude! Zuri said Jessie laughed oh Zuri . Oh jessie I have a question for you . Yes tony? He got down on one knee Jessie Prescott will you marry me? Tony! Jessie gasped YESSSS!!!!! Awwww Emma cheered. I love you all Jessie said and we love you too they all said.