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Pen Your Pride


This here aint no romance about vampires and werewolfs. I dont talk about fairys and unicorns. I am so over trying to reach a broader audience. I write real. I write from how I see it. This shit aint no game. This is a real Urban erotic love story. I am not a child nor do I live with my mother. Im a grown ass woman who only writes what I know can happen. So if you aint into gutta and grime. Get the fuck up outta this book. It aint for you and I promise aint no shade. -Kane




I was born April 29th 1991 to Arlene Santers and I never met my father. He was killed by his ex before I was born. All I know is my mom. I wouldn’t say she was a bad mama; she just wasn’t the mom I thought she should’ve been. I seen my mom run thru men like no tomorrow. I guess it was the lost of my father that got her hoeing or maybe she was a hoe all along. Either way moms was loose and part of me hated her for it. But I couldn’t complain though, she aint fuck for free. So she always kept food on the table.

My life was always complicated. No pops, hoeing ass mama, and the projects is where I laid my head. I wasn’t starving though. Hell, I aint want for shit really but to be better then my situation. Aw my name is MyKing by the way. Yeah I know my name is unique. But as you enter my life you’ll realize it fits me.


Im sitting in my us history class checking miss Tony out. This lil bitch sitting in front of me. She fine as fuck sexy eyes and nice lips. I had an instant hard on just thinking about her sucking my dick. She noticed I was looking and smiled. Yeah bitch I know you want me I thought. The class was almost over and I was glad this was my last period before I got to go home. I got business. There is always money to be made when you a dope boy. Im what you call a black Jew. I sell it all. Nigga been getting bread since I start getting head. As long as there are cokeheads, crack heads and junkies im getting money. At age 17 im known around the hood as King the baddest thing ever to set foot in Chicago’s west side projects. The Jungle is what they called it. I called it my playground. I played the game hard down in these parts. Im thee shit all up in throughout. My kingdom. I hit my locker putting my books back. When Tony walked up behind me grinning like she was on something. I smiled back.

"So what you doing today king?" She asked

"You if you’ll let me." I said

"Mmm maybe…" she said.

I closed my locker and proceeded towards the door. I stopped once I realized she wasn’t with me. I turned back around to find her still standing there looking lost.

"Come on baby." I smiled.

She started walking towards me and out the door we went. I unlocked my truck and let her in.

 "ooohh I like your truck king, its nice." She said.

I smiled." thanks."

Every bitch here in Crane high school wanted to be in her spot. Sitting in my escalade on twenty twos. All leather everything. She thought she was special because she was sitting here. Funny thing was, I was going to treat her like she was special for about twenty more minutes. I just want some ass. Nothing more, nothing less. Yeah im an asshole. I aint never fell for no bitch and don’t plan to. I fuck these bitches and dispose of em. They all are hoes. Aint none of them worthy of my time. But every once in a while I take em to the crib and use em up until I cant cum no more.

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