Alex's POV 10 years old

"No please!! Leave me alone!! Help!! Someone please help me!!" I cried. As I ran away anywhere that wasn't close to the guy that kept running towards me, he was following me. He was trying to kidnap me. I knew it was useless to run, but I had to try right? He then caught up to me pinned me to the ground, I tried punching, it didn't work. I then got shoved into a van. My parents had to pay a ransom so they could free me. It was really hard to get the money, that it left my parents broke. When. I was kidnapped, I wasn't badly treated. But it was still horrible not knowing what would happen.

13 years old

I felt someone daily watching me, did I have a stalker? No, it couldn't be, it was just my mind playing with me. Yeah, just my mind.

Next Day

My favorite teddy bear was missing. What the fuck!? I swear I had left it near my window yesterday at night. Maybe it fell out my window, but there was nothing there. Weird.

Next Day

"Hey!" Said a cheerful voice behind me.
"Oh hi." I reply.
" I was wondering if you wanted to grab some coffee?" This guy told me, he was in my class, one of the shy, and people I never hung out with told me.

Late night getting out of coffee shop.

He offered to walk me home. I agreed since it wasn't that far. It was eerily quiet. The moon was bright, illuminating the pitch black sky. I suddenly felt someone tightly grab my wrists and the person pushed me into an alley. No this can't be happening.

I then saw the person and it was the guy I was with. He was trying to kiss me. I struggled to get free. I finding the opportunity, I knee him where the sun don't fucking shine. He groaned but fell back, releasing his grip on me. I found this as an opportunity and ran. I didn't care where I just had to get away. While running I started yelling, "Help! Someone please help me!" I then tripped. I got back up as quickly as I could.

Then I felt someone grab me by my shirt making me trip and for the person to take this advantage to sit on top of me. Shit! No please no. He then said, "You know, I've been watching you for a long time and you never even SPARED A GLANCE MY WAY!" He yelled getting angry.
"Please can you let me go?" I said. I know this will end badly, but what can I do now?

I then see three figures coming closer. Are they gonna help me? I thought. No time to know, "Help! Please help me!" I yelled struggling to get free.
"Ha! Us help you!? We wanna get in on the fun too." The guy in the middle says while smirking. What a perfect day huh? No one was near, everything was silent, not a single soul was near. I started to whimper knowing what would happen next.

"Shut the fuck up!" The guy on top of me says.
This just makes me wanna whimper more. He suddenly stands up, grabbing me forcefully and slamming me onto the brick wall that was close by an alley. I fall to the ground, my back is aching so badly it hurts like HELL! I need to get away.

The three guys are now surrounding me. Now there's no way I can be able to escape, but I have to keep trying even if my back hurts. I quickly go for an opening in between two guys, only to get slammed back into the wall. I feel everything spinning around me, I see one guy already is lowering my skirt, I squirm and squirm. But two guys hold me down. Another one starts to remove my shirt, only to leave me in my underwear now.

I started sobbing. I then see a cloth go to my nose, I try not to inhale but I can't. I hear them laughing and the last thing I see before losing conscience is one of them taking my underwear off.


I feel cold, I feel sore, I see darkness. No! Why can't I see anything! Oh wait! I have my eyes closed! Duh. I slowly open them to see I'm in an alley.

What? I see I'm not fully clothed. I see blood, is it mine? I see there's blood below me, I check and there's blood on my underwear. Is it that time of the month already? But wait, why did I only have my bra on? No no no no no. Did I get... No it can't be cuz I don't remember I only remember being scared of something and then I see a blur of four people, two are forcefully trying to hold me down while others.... I can't remember! Then I feel pain all over my body, I see I have teeth marks on my neck. It's a hickey!? What the hell happened. I slowly start to comprehend what has happened.

I was raped.

I started to cry silently. While putting on the rest of my clothes back on.

End of past time & chapter.

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