Chapter 60 ~ Halloween Special Part 1

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Chrissy POV:

I turned the sink on and splashed the water on my face sighing. What is happening to me? Everything is all messed up. I looked into the mirror and saw the bags under my eyes. I don't think I've ever had bags under my eyes that are this noticeable. I jumped at the sound of my phone ringing loudly on the bathroom counter. I picked it up and clicked answer.

"Hello?" I asked

"Eeeek!" I flinched


"It's Halloween is tomorrow can you believe it!"

"Yeah yeah what'd you call for?" Wait did she say what I think she said? "What?" I asked

"Oh you didn't forget did you?"

"I'm lost. Did you say Halloween is tomorrow?" When did that happen?

"Yeah.. Where have you been?"

"In a cave I guess."

"Obviously. So are you still going to come with me to the party then?"

"I don't know, I'll try. " by try I mean if I'm done hallucinating and if Sam lets me go.

"Okay but please, please, please try to come!" She begged

"I'll try El."

"Okay well I'll talk to you later." She said

"Okay bye." I put my phone down and jumped when it rang again. I answered it again.

"Hello?" I asked


"What Jared?" I asked

"Paul and Embry are fighting I can't break them up and Sams not doing anything and they're both phased Embry's biting Paul's ear right now and they are.." I cut him off there

"Where are you?" I asked

"We're in the forest!"

"Where in the forest"

"I don't know." He said. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

"Okay I'll be there soon." I said and hung up. I left my bathroom and ran to my window, jumping out if it. I ran through the woods where I could faintly hear growling and lots of shuffling around. I ran til I reached a small opening in a big group of trees. I found two giant wolves rolling around biting and nipping at eachother angrily. I looked around and saw a relieved looking Jared and an amused Sam. I looked at the two boys rolling around in the mud and sighed. I reached in my pocket and grabbed a whistle I bought when I snuck off to a party in Seattle. It's a dog whistle so I was curious if it would work on us. I put it to my mouth and blew. I winced as a loud screeching sound hit my ears. It must have hit their ears too cause I heard whimpering and saw Jared desperately covering his ears while Sam was yelling at me to stop. I dropped it out of my mouth and it stopped.

"What the hell was that!" Sam yelled I'm never doing that again! It actually works on us!

"I wanted to see if it would work on us and they were fighting, I'm never doing that again!"

"Well you could've just got in between them not make my ears bleed!" Jared yelled

"I'm so very sorry for your bleeding ears!" I could barely hear myself talk so I had to yell.

"Stop yelling!" Sam hollered I rolled my eyes and picked up the whistle. "Don't!"

"I'm not!" I defended. I looked at the two wolves laying on the ground. "Why don't you two phase back so we can talk about why you're fighting." They both got up and walked behind bushes then walked back out. "What happened?" I asked them

"He started it!" Paul yelled accusingly pointing at Embry. I rolled my eyes and looked at Embry.

"Care to explain?"

"Paul said some stuff about my mom and dad.. " he trailed off. I knew this would happen. I looked to Paul and raised an eyebrow.

"Why? " I started before Paul cut me off.

"He was talking shit about my mom."

"Okay well the both of you need to stop already! Stop your fighting its exhausting having to break you two up." The both of them looked down in shame. I turned to face Sam and Jared. "And you two! Stop sitting back and watching them fight cause one if these days they're gonna be hurt real bad and you'll feel like shit knowing you didn't do anything to stop them!"


"No buts! I'm honestly sick of this! You four have differently back stories, and you need to accept that!" I could feel a little lightheaded as I lectured them.

"Embry just needs to stop being a little bitch!" Paul taunted. That was it, I could feel myself start to shake in anger.

"You need to fucking put yourself in his shoes! He was supposed to be normal! His whole life isn't what he thought it was! His dad was supposed to be dead not a man having an affair with his mother! And his mom lied to his fucking face his whole life! So Paul it would be fucking nice if you would stop fucking doing this shit and taunting him cause if someone would have said one thing about your parents splitting up then you would've been the one attacking!" I basically screamed. I looked at Sam and saw he looked scared of me. I could hear Jared laughing his ass off I frowned that would usually be reversed. I looked at Paul to see him looking down and like he was going to cry, while Embry looked pissed. "What is so amusing to you Jared?" I asked

"I'm not even laughing!" He defended but it wasn't his voice. I looked in Sam's direction. What?

"I'm not asking you Sam."

"Okay?" Jared's voice behind me came.

"If you guys are fucking with me right now I'm gonna be pissed!" I said looking at the both of them.

"Chrissy? Are you okay?"

"No Paul I'm not!"

"I asked you not Paul." I turned and narrowed my eyes.


"Yes?" Paul answered.


"What?" Embry asked. My eyes widened. I did this! What did I do though? How do I fix this? What the hell?

"Okay um not to freak you guys out or anything but uh either you guys are fucking with me or I um, well uh, you've all switched bodies." I couldn't just say I've got you guys to switch bodies without them finding out I'm a witch. That conversation would not end well considering Jared is terrified of the movie Hocus Pocus.

"What?" Jared's voice asked calmly. Yeah that's not Jared at all. 

"Well you're all answering when I'm not talking to you guys."

"Okay she's lost it!" Embry's voice joked. How could they not hear there voices changed and not their own voices?

"No I haven't.. Well completely!" I mean I had to be honest I could just be hallucinating again. Wait I've got a mirror! I reached in my pocket and grabbed it out. Taking it to Paul's body person whoever it was first. "Who are you?" I asked him

"I'm Embry." He gave me a weird look.

"Are you sure?" I asked putting the mirror in front of his face where he was about to answer but then froze.

"What the fuck?" He whispered

"You see?" I moved over to Embry's body which is most likely Paul. I showed him his face.

"I'm Embry! Shit what the fuck happened!" Yeah that's definitely Paul he's freaking out. 

"I'm so lost" Sam, well Jared said  I took the mirror and took it to him and after he reacted to himself I showed Sam and he freaked out the worst. I don't know what exactly I did but I've got to fix this ASAP!

Hope you enjoyed this one I was going to make this one a really long chapter but I promised to update today and it wasn't done. I will be posting a part 2 sometime soon so be on the look out. And vote! Comment! Share with others as well. Thanks for reading!

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