Chapter 20: Marvelous Taste and Touch

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October 4th 2015

I spent the next few hours waiting for the time to tick away. I knew I shouldn't be, but I was excited , I was going to have the entire of lunch with Noah, alone- it just seemed incredible. He wanted to know what was going on with me. So what do I tell him? "I don't know what's wrong with me. Ever since you came, my whole life has been turned upside down. It was easy for me not to care and just focus on basketball but that seems like a chore now- when I could be focusing on you." I could say that- but then I risk the chance of coming off as some psychopath obsessed stalker kind of thing- let's just say that's not good for my reputation.....

So I've been contemplating this all morning, but now the time has come. I sit anxiously at our meeting spot- I came as soon as class let up: I know, eager much. But I just can't help it- the mere thought of Noah makes me happy and all funny inside. To think he's avoiding his precious girlfriend for me, he cares about me that much. Let's just conclude it makes me one happy camper.

It's been nearly five minutes and I'm starting to wonder whether I've been stood up when I hear those soft footsteps. They are slow paced and gentle almost undetectable if you weren't listening out for them and there's only one person I know who naturally walks like that: Noah- he came. I wait around the corner not wanting to scare him. As he rounds I notice his hair slightly Ruffled and he looks slightly distressed. But once he sees me he visibly relaxes. "I thought you weren't going to come" he states shyly. I laugh at how innocent and insecure he still is; as if I would ever not be at his beck and call.
"I was wondering the same about you" I joke, trying to dismantle the uncomfortable tension that has begun to build itself in the air.
"I'm sorry, I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long" I laugh at this.
"Noah, I think we are good enough friends that you don't have to be so damn polite all the time, at least not with me" as he hears this his cheeks and neck tint the most adorable hue of pink.
"Well, I wasn't sure if we were friends. I mean you've been ignoring me" he says quietly, face towards the ground as he watches himself shuffle his feet.
"I would say you're the one ignoring me" I say hinting at the string of messages from the weekend he never replied too. He looks at me confused as I indicate my phone in my pocket I see him finally putting  two and two together.
"Oh, I didn't mean to seem as if I was ignoring you. My phones all jacked up. I need a new one but I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to get one" Noah rapidly assures me. Well, at least he's not trying to be rude..." Is that all why you're mad at me " he asks suddenly shy again.
"No, I mean it's not that I'm mad as such. It's just that I feel as though you owe me an explanation. Cause I thought we had something but then I think- no- I know I was wrong with that assumption-" I feebly try to explain my thoughts
"We do have something. We're friends- you said so yourself" he says interrupting me and protesting against my words.
"Urgh, that's not what I mean"
"Then what do you mean?"
"Honestly? Do you want to know honestly?"
"Of course, I only want the truth"
"I thought we were more than friends. I opened up to you about some of my biggest secrets because I trusted you. I felt at ease with you and I haven't felt that in a long, long time. I don't know, it's hard to explain. But when I'm with you it's almost as if the air is lighter and the world is all suddenly bright. For a long time I was seeing the whole world in black and white and for some reason you were able to introduce the entire spectrum of colour back into my life. I know it's lame. But what I'm trying to say is, with you I feel as though I have a purpose, that I have someone. With you in my life, it's almost as if it's okay that I went through all the pain of losing everyone because it led me to you-" but before I could finish my train of thought my breath was stolen from me. I felt something firm yet soft crash against my lips. I first went into shock and froze then it all finally sunk in. He was kissing me. Noah was kissing me! I was about to respond but Noah pulled away. He took a step back putting an unpleasant gap between us. He looked bashful and scared"I-I-I'm sorry. I d-d-don't know why I-I did that" he stutters out, sounding as though he's on the edge of tears.

"No, don't say that! You do know why you did that because you feel this too" but before he could respond to my outburst I had removed that gap between our bodies and our lips with one fluid motion. This time he was the one taken aback. But that didn't matter, I had full roam of his lips. They were sweet and minty and slightly wet. I couldn't help myself from nibbling on his lower lip, they were just so plump and captivating. Then he began to respond and the kiss deepened. I found myself getting lost in the continuous movements of our mouths. It was a game: one of us made a move the other would counteract that move. It was incredible, I could feel all the pent up emotions between us burst out. Almost as if we were dams overflowing until it all just came crashing from above, outpouring into this single kiss. We were locked in each other's embrace. my hands were in his hair, they began to comb through the soft locks. Whilst his hands began to climb up and down my chest, sending delectable shivers across me. I don't know how long we were there, it could have been a mere few seconds or hours, all I know is I was lost in his kiss, lost in his touch.

We finally broke apart each of us gasping for air. I pressed my forehead against his. not wanting to separate us more than I had to. I still held onto his hair but my hands began to roam down his body, then arms, till I made it to his hands. I took both of his in mine and just stared at his eyes. Like always I couldn't shake the familiarity of his eyes, as if from a distant memory I could not place. But currently they were flowing: happy and mischievous- he too was overwhelmed by all of this. But then I realised his face was flush, like yesterday when his mouth had been connected to his stupid girlfriends. "Noah, that was amazing. But I don't think Kate would appreciate it much" I say finally breaking the pleasant silence. Just saying her name brought a sour taste to my mouth. She had what I couldn't have
"Kate?" Noah asked so naively. Poor boy, he doesn't even realise that he just cheated.
"Yes, Kate, your girlfriend" I say slowly as if he was a small child. He looks at me and then I see the recollection form in his eyes. But instead of being mad or angry or whatever emotion you'd expect he laughed and his eyes continued to smile.
"Kate's not my girlfriend. Not really anyway. Yes, she will be mad at this- but not for the reason you think" Noah just kept laughing. Such a sweet laugh that reminded me of Church bells on a Sunday morning, from when I was little and we used to go regularly. That seems like a lifetime ago- probably because it was- maybe that's why Noah seems so familiar to me- he reminds me of all the good in my old life.
"What?" I ask confused.
"We're not dating, that was more a show for the dumb rumours circulating around school. We knew that no one would believe us if we said we weren't dating so we just went with it and had our fun with it"
"So you're friends with benefits"
"Friends yes, benefits yes. Just not the benefits you're thinking of"
"I'm confused"
"Kate is an incredible friend probably- no is- the best friend I have ever had. But we aren't together romantically. Because she knows I kind of like this other person, so much so I can't stop thinking about said person..."
"Oh, well that person is one lucky person" I say glumly. Maybe Noah just wants me around like how he has Kate.
"Dumbass I'm talking about you" he says raising our hands so he can playfully punch me in the stomach.
"Oh, you like me?"
"Yes, of course I do!"
"But you're sleeping with Kate"
"No I'm not, nor have I. The last time I checked you were still a virgin and so was I"
"Yes, really!"
"But those pictures of you going to her house"
"I'm staying there for the time being, and before you ask, it's a long story, I rather not get into right now"
"Okay, so let me get this straight. You don't have a girlfriend nor have been with a girl or guy like that. But you like me?"
"But you full on made out with Kate yesterday. I saw it with my own two eyes- so don't try and deny it Mr. Hunt"
"Yes, but that was for Kate's benefit not mine. Again another long story. But what I will tell you is this: when I kissed her I was thinking of you. Now before you ask me any more questions, can you please just kiss me again, before lunch ends?" Noah asks sweetly and slightly cooing as he bats his long lashes to add flaire to his request. But we both already know what my answer will be and before long I was lost again in his marvelous taste and touch.

Then there was the obnoxious sound declaring the end of lunch.

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