Chapter 3- Been There...Done That!

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(3) She's Your Little Girl

"So who is the father", he asked as he entered town.

"I can't tell you", I said sadly giving him my puppy dog face.

"Rashelle", he said sighing giving me the your-gonna-tell-me look.

"But I don't want him to know yet, he is an asshole, so it's better if you don't know", I said as we pulled into the little ice cream shop.

"I won't tell anybody I swear", he said getting annoyed. That was when the devil himself waltzed up to the passenger window as Cade rolled it down automatically for me.

"Sup Logan, I haven't seen you around lately", Cade said as Logan rested his arms on the window moving his fac e closer to mine.

"Oh I have just been messin around", he said grinning giving me a quick glance when he said it.

"You wanna get some ice-cream with us", Cade asked. I could tell that he missed hanging out with him which almost made me sick to my stomach.

"Sure", Logan said opening my door and helping me out. I just scowled at him but quickly stopping when my brother reached us. We all went inside and got our ice-cream and went outside and sat on a picnic table. It just so happened that Cade sat on one side and Logan sat beside me on the other side...oh joy.

"So how's life been Cade", Logan asked while taking a bite of his ice-cream.

"Pretty good", Cade said shrugging his shoulders. If only he knew that the baby father WAS Logan.

"How about you Rashelle", Logan asked smirking at me. While he was talking he slowly put his hand on my lower thigh making me wanna punch him.

"Ehh I had sex with this guy about a month ago at a party but it was awful I mean talk about a small dick! The son of a bitch couldn't even satisfy me and I was a virgin", I said keeping a straight face even though Logan had a huge dick and well the sex was amazing... I just wanted to mess with him a little.

Cade started choking and coughing. I could tell he was shocked by what I said. I then seen the murderous glare I was getting from Logan.

"Well I will talk to you later Logan I think it's time that Rashelle goes home", Cade said in a very angry voice. He got in his jeep so I did too but right before we pulled away I rolled down my window.

"Hey babe next time you might want to use an enhancer", I said to Logan giving him a genuine smile.

"Wait...oh my god, Logan's the dad", Cade yelled as we headed towards home.

"Uh yeah", I said leaning my head against the car window. I knew he wouldn't be happy.

"Ughh I'm gonna fuckin kill him", Cade said as his knuckles turned white from gripping the steering wheel.

"Rashelle Mae Eric why the fuck would you do it with him", Cade asked still very angry because he used my full name.

"I was drunk", I said as a couple tears slid down my face. Stupid-ass hormones, I thought to myself.

My life was fucked up...but so was I.



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