Chapter 14: Old Friends...

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Bella's POV
It's been 2 weeks since Jasper changed me. I'm so thankful he did. I can finally live eternity with him, Logan, and our family.
Jasper and I were up here in Logan's room trying to get him to go to sleep. "Esme?" I said and she was up here in less than a second. "Yes?" She asked.
"Could you please help us get him to sleep?" Jasper asked and she nodded. She sang Twinkle Little Star and he was asleep in his crib in a minute. "Thank you." Me and Jasper both said. He falls asleep easily for Esme.
We walked downstairs and we sat down. Edward and Tresa were in the music room, Carlisle was in his study, Esme was sitting on her chair reading her 'Vampires Magazine', Alice and Jake were outside, Rose and Emmett, it's easy to guess what they were doing, and Jasper and I were sitting on the love seat, cuddling. Suddenly, Jazzy got a call. It was from Texas. It was an unknown number. This person had a deep manly voice, and was funny. Then, there was a girl. She was funny too. Country folks too. "Who is it?" I asked Jasper.
"My old pal from Texas. Peter and his mate/wife, Charlotte. We call her Char though. They were in the Southern War with me. We three defeated Maria and her newborns. I was Major Jasper Whitlock, Peter was my first lutinent and Char was my second lutinent." Jasper said.
"Oh. I wish they were here so I could meet them in person." I said and smiled.
"Peter said they're supposed to be coming here and they should be here tomorrow by 12:00 pm. Esme, is that okay?" Jasper said. Esme nodded.
"I love company. You know that. They can come." Esme said.
"They said thank you." Jasper said. "Well, see ya tomorrow." And the line ended. I couldn't wait to meet them. They seem nice and we all know that if they're friends of Jasper then we can trust them. "They drink human blood though." Jasper said. "I'll try and convince them to drink animal blood. They've always told me they wanted to try it." Esme nodded and smiled.
"That'd be wonderful." She said. I smiled.
Jasper and I rearranged the room they would be staying in. It's beside Logan's room. They don't sleep, we know but they are like us. They like to lay in bed. "I'm going to go shopping for some more baby food for Logan. Then get some regular food too for when he gets older." Esme said.
"Okay. Thank you." I said and she smiled.
"No problem." She said. Esme left then. Carlisle was at work. Jasper and I were in our room. Logan was still asleep. We were laying down. I was reading my favorite book, Wuthering Heights. It's also Jasper's favorite book.
"Bella, I'm gonna go hunting. Do you need to hunt too?" He asked me. I nodded and we went hunting after asking Rosalie and Em to watch Logan.
I got a mountain lion and a deer. Jasper got 2 mountain lions. We decided to go away for a little bit. Not far away but out of town for the rest of the day. Jasper called Esme, "Hey, Esme, me and Bella are gonna go out of town for a little. We don't know when we'll be back tonight, but we'll be back before tomorrow."

"Okay. No problem. Em and Rose are having fun watching Logan. Be back sometime later tonight."

"Okay." And so we went back to the house and got in the car and we headed to Port Angeles. We drove around and Jasper asked me where I wanted to go. "It's up to you." I told him. He pulled into the park. We have a special place at the park that we go to. There's barely ever anybody there and the sun's going down so we can be out now.
We walked to the special place and it was still as beautiful as ever. It had flowers all around and a little pond and a small waterfall in the pond. I don't know why nobody ever comes here but we come here a lot.
We stayed for about an hour or two and decided it was time to go home. We walked to the car and Jasper opened my door for me and I got in. Then, he got in and we left.
Once we got back to the house, we seen Logan, Rose, and Emmett playing with his toys. "Hey." I said. I walked to Logan and I picked him up. "Mommy!" Logan said and hugged me tight. Jasper walked up to us and Logan jumped in his arms. "Daddy!" He screeched.
"Hey there Sport. Whatcha' doin'?" Jasper asked and Logan showed him to his toy cars and Jazz played with him while Rose pulled me inside.
"Oh Bella, let me be your babysitter from now on if you need one please? Having a baby has always been a wish of mine and sadly, I can't have that wish now. But I'm loving every minute with my new nephew. Emmett & I are glad to watch him at anytime." Rosalie said.
"Thank you Rose. We don't need a babysitter right now because Peter & Charlotte, Jasper's friends, are coming but soon if we need a babysitter, we will ask you." I said and she smiled. She hugged me and I hugged her back.

I put Logan in bed and he fell asleep. It was 12:00 and we are waiting for Peter & Char to show up.
We all heard a Black Chevrolet truck pull up our drive way.
Jasper and I walked outside and two vampires got out of the truck. The male, who I assume was Peter, helped the female, who is Charlotte out of the truck. Peter had brownish tousled hair. He was wearing blue jeans, a red plaid shirt, a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and a belt that said, TEXAS on it.
Char had brownish blonde hair and she was wearing blue jeans, a pink plaid shirt, cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat and a belt that said the same thing as Peter's. You can say their from Texas, like Jazz.
"Hey there, Major! What ya been up to?" Peter said while he and Charlotte came walking up to us.
"Well, I've found my soulmate, as you can see, Bella right here. She was human, we got married, and now we have a half human-half vampire son named, Logan. He's napping." Jasper said.
"Congratulations! You two are very successful." Char said. Peter smiled and I smiled back.
"Oh! Let me properly introduce myself to your family." Peter said as we walked inside. "Hello everyone. I'm Peter Whitlock and this is my wife, Charlotte." Peter said and smiled.
"Call me Char."
"It's very nice to meet you, Peter & Char. You may have a seat." Carlisle said.
"Thank you." Char said. "Now, we've been meaning to ask this, could you help is change to your diet?"
"We'd be delighted to help." Esme said.
The next day we all took a walk into the woods and we showed Char and Peter how to hunt with our diet. Surprisingly, the didn't get dirt or anything on them but they loved the taste of our diet. "Wow. You guys are like pros." Bella exclaimed.
"That's how you were, love." I told her and she smiled. Rosalie and Emmett stayed home with Logan.

As we headed back to the house, I smelled an unknown scent. I crouched down, looking around. "Bella, what is it?" Esme asked.

I was listening to my surroundings, as I heard crunching from the right of me. I took off running, everyone following behind me. I came to a stop, as I looked around, an unknown vampire fell on top of me after jumping out of a tree.

"Who are you?" I asked as I flipped the vampire off of me.

"Ask Edward." she said as she lunged at me. I was so caught up in my thoughts of who she could be that the next thing I know, I hit a tree. I looked up & seen Alice fighting the vampire while Esme helped me up. I rubbed my head, "Oh Bella, honey, are you okay?"

"I'm fine but who is she?" I asked Esme.

"Bella!" Jasper ran up to me, he hugged me. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. That girl, I asked who she is & she said 'ask Edward'." Jasper looked at her & gasped.



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