Father!Medic x Child!Reader x Sorry!Scout

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"(Y/n)! Vhere are you?"Your father calls out. He was starting to worry. "Scout. How can you lose my daughter."He asks glaring at Scout.

"I told you, Medic. I was telling her how awesome I am. Then next thing I know, she disappeared."

"Ja. Vright."Medic says not believing any of the words that dropped out of his mouth.

"(Y/n) kleiner liebling! Vhere are you?"He shouts out again. "Daddy!"He hears a distant voice of a little. "(Y/n)!"He says following the voice. Scout didn't want to make him more upset by going with him so he went back to base.

"Daddy!"You yell out again. You see Medic standing 10 feet away from you. Then he runs towards you. Medic looks in shock at your state.

You had cuts and bruises on you. Your hair a mess and stuck onto your cheeks from tears. "Mein gott... Vat happened to you?"Medic asks you.

"I-I fell fr-from up z-zhere."You whimper as you pointed up at a steep cliff. "Up zhere?"Medic asks in shock. You nod and cry silently,"It hurts a lot, daddy."You cry. "Tell me. Vhere doez it hurt?"

You point at the scratches,"H-Here..." You point at your bruises,"He-Here..." And at your ankle,"It h-hurts a lot here. I-I kan not m-move it. E-Every time I t-try to move i-it, it hurts a-a lot."You whimper. Medic examines your ankle.

"Awe, liebe. You twisted your ankle."He says in disbelief. "I-Iz my foot gonna f-fall off?!"You ask in panick crying all over again.

"Nein nein, liebe. It iz not goving to fall off. I need to take you back to zee base. Soh I kan mend you."Medic says trying to stay calm.

He gently and carefully picked you up. You were sobbing. Medic held you bridal style so he doesn't injure your ankle more.

"Shh. Shh. It iz goving to be alvright. Please, liebe. Do not kry."He cooed as he jogged. He was about to cry himself, but he had to look strong and tough to calm you down. Your sobs turn to whimpers.

As soon as he's there, he immediately runs to the clinic. The team follows him as he riches into the clinic closing the door behind him. Keeping the others out.

"Sheila looked loike she's in bad condition."Sniper says.

"Poor girl."Spy says.

"Little darlin' didn't deserve something like this."Engineer says.

"Medic is gonna kiel ya, Scout."Demoman shouts at Scout. "Yeh. I know."Scout says.

"Now, liebe. Zis iz goving to hurt... Quite a lot. So, I vant you to be brave for me. Alvright?"Medic asks you grabbing hold of your foot and leg.

You nod. Tears streaming down your face. "Deep breath."Medic says. You take a deep breath and soon you here a loud *CRACK*.

A stinging pain shot through your body starting at your ankle. You let out a blood curdling scream in pain.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!"You scream in pain. "Zat iz a good girl."Medic says. You're crying because it hurt so much.

"I am sorry, liebe. I am so sorry I hat to do zat."He says. Him seeing you, his daughter, in pain like that, he felt like he was doing something wrong.

"I-It iz-z o-okay, d-daddy-y."You whimper repeatedly sucking in fast breaths and out. Tears streamed down your face. "I-I vant m-mommy..."You whimper. Medic sighs,"Me too."

He put a cast on your ankle. He didn't use the MediGun to heal you because you weren't ready for that yet. He bandaged your scratches and put ice packs on your bruises. That made you feel a little better.

And to top it all off, he kisses your forehead. And then you felt a lot better. "Daddy?"

"Ja, (Y/n)?"He says. "Ven am I going to be better?"You ask. "You vill be better until I say you are. Just lay here and rest. Ja?"

You nod. Medic nods and goes over to the door and opens it. All the guys come in and see how you were doing.

"We heard everyzing from outside le door."Spy says," 'ow is le peu medic ?"

"Sche is doing fine. My brave daughter."Medic says looking at you with a small smile. You smile at him back weakly. "A brave one indeed."Spy says smirking at you. Pyro walks over to you with his stuffed unicorn,"Mmmrpgh. Yrh crpyhg hafeuf mfks usjdch! (Here. You can have my unicorn!)"He says handing you the stuffed animal.

"Danke, Pyro..."You say giving him a small smile. "Mphrf pfflem! (No problem!)"He says smiling. Scout walks over to you,"Ay, kid."He says. "Vello, Scout."You say. "How ah... How you feelin'?"He asks. "Good." "That's good yeah. Look, (Y/n), I am so sorry for this happening to you."He says.

"It iz okay. Akcidents happen."You say smiling weakly.

"No. (Y/n). This is a major accident. And Medic, I am so sorry for being so... Irresponsible for you daughter. I know she's the only thing left from your wife. I don't know what would have happened if (Y/n) had gotten worst."Scout says hanging his head down in shame.

Medic sighs and put his hand onto Scout's shoulder,"I do not know if I schould forgive you or not. But since my liebe iz shtill alive, I am goving to forgive you just zis once."He says.

Scout breathes a sigh of relief. "But on one kondition."Medic says. Scout looks at him,"What?"

{1 Hour Lateh}

"What... Is... Zat?"Spy asks Scout trying not to laugh.

Scout crosses his arms,"I don't wanna talk about it."He grumbles. Medic made Scout carry you on his back with a baby carrier on him. "Medic said if I wanted to keep watching his kid, I have to make sure she's with me at all times by doing this."He says.

"Because I kan not walk for a kouple of veeks."You say. "And Medic doesn't trust me that much now."Scout says.

"Sank you for karrying me zough."You say. "Yeh. Whatever."He says trying to act cool. You giggle and pull out a little saw from your pocket,"Prepare for jour examination!"You say just like Medic holding the little saw at Scout's neck.

"Zat iz my mädchen!"Medic says happily.

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