Part II

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Harry spent his entire night just thinking about how it felt to kiss Louis, while Louis sat up in his dark room wondering if this was the end of their friendship. Anne, Harry's mum, noticed the distant mood Harry was in at dinner and asked him what was wrong.
"It's nothing Mum, just--it's nothing." He mumbled. Anne rolled her eyes and thought that maybe Harry just needed to figure things out for himself. Harry moved his peas around his plate, not able to eat anything because he was just thinking too much. Eventually, he set his fork down, letting it slip from his hand and causing the plate to clatter. Anne sighed and said sternly,
"Either tell me what's wrong or go to your room Harold." And with that Harry got up from the table and ran to his room, fighting the tears begging to pour out of his eyes. He slammed the door behind him let out a gasp and started to bawl. Every one I know except Louis likes girls and so should I. He thought to himself. The thought was so intrusive and forced. You must like girls. Girls must like boys. Man must lie with woman. That's what he was always told anyways. When he played Barbie with his sister, Ken and Barbie always kissed. Not Midge and Barbie.
Harry got off his bed, still trembling from the sobs...what would everyone else think if he told them? All he ever wanted was to not care what people think, and this wasn't helping. With shaking hands, Harry took ahold a frame that had a picture of him and Louis in it. Harry was being his normal cheeky self and was winking in the picture while Louis was smiling and looking at Harry.
Suddenly, Harry's door opened with a small creak. The sweet voice that belonged to his sister Gemma whispered,
"Harry?" At the sound of her voice Harry dropped the picture frame. Right when it hit the floor, the frame shattered.
"What do you want?!" He snapped.
"Listen, I want to know what's going on. I'm worried." As Gemma inched closer to the small boy, he wiped the tears off his face. She wrapped her arms around Harry. When she pulled him away, she could see the streaks of dried tears on her little brother's face barely lit up by the moonlight leaking through Harry's curtains. Gemma brought Harry to his bed so they could have a conversation about whatever it was that was bothering him.
"Ok, so you were fine in the beginning of the day but since Louis left you've been acting weird. Did something happen between you two?" Gemma asked prying. Harry felt his stomach drop and his heart speed up. How could she know?
"What?! Gemma that's gross! Why would you think that?! Gay is weird Gemma!" Harry exclaimed. His sister put her hands up in front of her chest and waved them.
"Harry, I never said anything about--" Suddenly she stopped talking realizing what Harry had basically just told her. "Wait! You and--REALLY?"
"Shut up Gemma!" Harry yelled, blushing.
"Oh my god! Look at my baby brother, getting more action than me! How long has this been going on?" Harry hid his face in his hands.
"Just today...Louis came out to me and we kissed and I don't like girls at least I don't think so but I mean like, he told me what it's like to have a crush anD I HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM OK?" The room fell silent after that and Harry just found himself trying to hold back more tears. Through his blurred vision he could see his older sister sitting in front of him, mouth wide open and in complete and utter shock.
"I knew I should've just kept it to myself." Harry mumbled to himself.
"N-no! Harry I still love you and I don't think you're anymore weird than I thought last week. I wasn't expecting this from you. I'm happy you've found who you really are, really I am. Trust me, this is ok." With that, Harry fell into his sister's arms longing to be in Louis'.

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