Chapter 2

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The police station was only around a twenty minute walk from their high-school. Luckily, the dad of a freshman, Andrew, was a policeman, and he knew a shortcut there after walking there so many times after school.

"... And if we cut through there, we can get to the police station in a few minutes." Andrew had been saying. He walked in the front of the group, with his best friend Lawrence at his side for reassurance. While Andrew wasn't the bravest of the bunch, nor the smartest, Andrew still wanted to make the best of this moment, and not fail the other kids.

"I saw a couple of zombies back around the main street," Lawrence said to Andrew, "You think we can avoid that route?"

"Yeah, I'm already making us go around that." Andrew said, his words filled with pride. Lawrence just grinned goofily at him, then focusing his attention at the conversation they were having behind him.

"... I still can barely believe this." A girl, who Andrew knew as Haley, was saying to her friend Adelina. Haley was also on the Student Council, which Andrew guessed, was why they knew each other. As sad as it was, age difference was one of the biggest factors that decided who you could or could not hang out with at their school. You only talked to people you knew in your age group, or people in similar clubs.

"Guys..." Andrew heard a familiar voice say, and recognized Aaron, the vice-president of the Tech Club, "Zombies are following us, we might want to hurry!"

"We're not too far!" Andrew yelled, "We can sprint it!"

They raced towards the police station, the zombies not too far behind them. The scene would've seemed ridiculous to any onlookers. An assortment of teens with a lynch mob of the undead trailing behind them. Andrew reached the door first, his hands trembling as he unlocked the door with the spare key his father had given him.

"Go! Go!" He ushered his fellow survivors in. Person after person scrambled to the safety of the station. That was, until Zach stopped in front of him.

"Are you sure you wanna hold the door? I mean, it's gonna be a pretty close call. I can do it if you'd like." he said, green eyes serious. Andrew had only spoken to Zach once or twice. It wasn't like he was a bad dude, he was actually pretty nice. It was just that they hung out with different crowds. Zach was on the varsity football team whereas Andrew's biggest extracurricular was Chemistry club, and that was mandatory for a student like him, C grades and all. It didn't help that he had a massive crush on Ashlynn, Zach's girlfriend, sophomore, captain of the Fencing Team and the advisor of the Teen Entrepreneur club.

"Yeah, I got this man, go inside." Just then, Ashlynn ran past him throwing him a dazzling grin. Yep, that's why he was still outside, holding the door. Petty, but true. Just then, a girl punched him hard in the shoulder.

"Yeah, I see you looking at my best friend there. No, you know she has a boyfriend. Eyes up here, mate!" She said with a wink. Her tone was sweet and light, but the meaning of the words were threatening. He shuddered as he watched her pass into the station.

Yep, that was Alessandra, more commonly known as Ally. It was a pity she was so mean to people outside of her friend group, she was just about as pretty as Ashlynn. While Ashlynn had wavy red hair that flowed to the middle of her back, olive skin,and sweet brown eyes, Ally had straight black hair with unusual violet eyes and creamy white skin.

As the last people sprinted in, the zombies were closing in rapidly. He ran behind them, the secondary door closing right before he made it in. Lawrence took notice of his situation the situation racing to open the secondary door, but Andrew shook his head. The zombies were close enough that if Lawrence opened the door, they were sure to get in.

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