Chapter thirty nine

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It had been a few weeks since Tyler and I had become a thing. A lot of hanging out, hugging and kissing had happened since, and I hadn't felt this comfortable with anyone I'd met in Ohio. We'd been hanging out with Josh a lot too. Luckily, Tyler was able to find a right balance between spending time with me and spending time with Josh, and sometimes Josh and I would even hang out without Tyler. 

Tyler and I were honestly doing great, my parents love him, his parents like me, vice versa. Zoey and Audrey, my so-called best friends here in Ohio, still made fun of me for dating Tyler, but as soon as they found out about his band (and his band-mate who they found extremely hot, despite having their own boyfriends) they were a lot nicer when they talked to me about Tyler. I soon declared them my ex-best friends and now I smile brightly when they glare at me and Tyler when we walk through the mall. 

Things were going very well. I had applied for college, Josh and Tyler were working on a lot of good stuff with their label, my parents were a little less stressed. My little brother was at a summer camp for kids with great talent for ice-hockey, so I didn't have him (or mostly his annoying friends) around me to taunt me. My parents were happy and I felt better in my own skin than I had in a while. 

It felt great to feel good, but as soon as I got a text from Tyler, saying that "we had to talk," the alarm bells in my head started to ring, and ring loudly they did. I sat down on my bed, my hands were shaking. I texted him that he could come by whenever he wanted, I'd be home all day anyway. He texted back that he'd be there around 5, he had to visit family first. 

Feverishly, I decided to put on an album and decided to clean my room, hoping to calm myself down and make the red blotches in my face go away. It seemed to work a little bit, putting physical objects in place seemed to put some things in my mind in place too. I shouldn't let Tyler wanting to talk to me ruin my day, even if may be bad news, I thought. However, approximately two and a half seconds later, my brain decided to flip out, expect the worst and stop functioning. Very much on the brink of tears, I decided to send Scott a text.
[Jenna:] "scott help"
[Jenna:] "i think tyler wants to break up with me and im flipping out"
[Jenna:] "pls answer i need u"

Nervously tapping on the now locked black screen, I waited for my best friend's reply. I felt a few tears slip past my eyelashes and even though crying wasn't really of any use, it seemed like a logical thing to do. After about 25 secones, Scott had texted me back.
[Scott:] "wtf? why what happened? are u ok?"
[Scott:] "its gonna be okay babe i got ur back whatever happens"
[Jenna:] "he texted me saying we need to talk and is coming over later today. very anxious. that text never predicts anything good in any situation does it?"
[Scott:] "pls dont hastily conclude things though okay? it's gonna be okay the boy loves you so much we can all see that"
[Scott:] "maybe he just wants to tell you about a weird kink he has idfk ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
[Scott:] "sorry that was very inappropriate i understand if you want to unfriend me. please do not unfriend me though"
[Jenna:] "omg i cant believe you"
[Jenna:] "but you did make me laugh. thanks, i'll try not to flip out too much. youre the best and i miss you a lot"
[Scott:] "i miss you too nd ur way too cool for me. good luck and keep me updated okay? it's gonna be okay. call me if you need me."

I started to softly hum along to the music filling my room and felt myself calm down a little. For a second I considered texting Josh to see if he knew what Tyler was up to, but decided against it, since I didn't want to be invasive on anything and maybe even more because I was afraid Josh would confirm my assumption. I grabbed a book and started reading, relaxing into the story soon enough. Time was kind of flying by and soon I had almost forgotten about Tyler's texts.

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