Chapter 20

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The first time I had told Mr Robles, he had been extremely confused by the whole thing.

 I had yet to tell him about the connections and the allegations that Matt’s sister was my dad’s supposed girlfriend.

Things were starting to make more sense now, I guess.

“How do you know it was his sister?” he asked sceptically.

“Well, my grandma told me. And they look exactly alike, I’m not even joking.”

“And,” Robles asked, “what exactly was she doing?”

I stared down at my feet, trying to avoid his gaze.

“Charlotte?” he demanded. “Unfold your arms. You’re distancing yourself from me.”

At his whim, I unfolded my arms and let out a drawn sigh.

“She was crying” I told him. I didn’t even know why I had to go through this rigmarole. He already knew everything anyway.

“And, how did this make you feel?” I smiled randomly at his first unique question during this telling of the story.

“I don’t know, to be honest. I didn’t know if she was my dad’s girlfriend after Matt’s reaction. I did look at my dad, to see his face but he had an ambiguous expression. It could’ve gone either way at that point.”

“So, what did you think?” I looked out of the window as he asked that. I couldn’t really remember. It was almost as though I had built up some sort of emotional block.

 I just remember trying to figure everything out.

“I don’t remember that much. I looked at my dad, and then back at her. I tried to read his expression. It definitely told me that he knew who she was. But I couldn’t tell whether his connection was amorous or if she was just an acquaintance.”

“And…it raised your suspicions about this connection issue…did it not?”

I nodded at his correct guess. I began to feel uncomfortable in his presence. I looked at the clock. It was almost 4 pm. The session was nearly over.

“Yes, I wondered why she was seeking comfort in my grandmother. I didn’t know if it was because she was pregnant with her grandchild, or if it was something else. The way my dad handled it didn’t seem that he was in love with her. But there was some concern I suppose.”

“What did he say to her?”

“He asked her the usual stuff…you know. If she was okay, what had happened and why she was crying.”

There was a long silence as he wrote everything down in his note book.

 I felt somewhat bad for regaling him every detail about my home situation, and telling a stranger something that was my parents business.

“How did he offer her comfort?”

“He put his arm around her and offered to call her mom. But she refused. In fact, she started screaming.”

He looked confused at this point, almost as confused as I was. I hadn’t been able to piece it all together.

“Did she say anything to you and Joshua?” he asked, reaching over for another pen. It seemed that the he was using had ran out.

Had I been rambling that much? The thought kind of made me laugh.

“She gave me a sort of glare… empathetic or sympathetic…I couldn’t decide. But it was one of them. And then she turned to my dad and kind of shouted. She told him not to talk to her ever again. She said she hated him.”

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