Ch 7: The River Thames

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Gizmo POV:


I sat upon a stool in my lab,my worktable scattered with bolts and wire, the heat from the industrial furnace reflecting upon my skin.

The rats mechanical tail twitched as it stared up at me.

I dropped an apple slice into its cage. "you are not allowed out, you know that."

Watching it chew for a moment I sighed, I knew what was necessary to keep everything in order, I just didn't wish to do so.

I stared at the stack of papers on the table, I had removed them from my safe a little over an hour ago.

The last traces of the late Ginnie Gladstone.

It needed to be destroyed.

If what Mr. Blythe said was true, he would not be the only one looking for Miss Gladstone.

The lot of them were chasing a ghost, a phantom woman they would never be able to wrap their hands around.

But they did not need to know that.

Let them chase their phantom, let their trails become cold, let them leave me be and the secret of miss Gladstone die with me.

She is dead, the world is better for it.

Her life ended, so should her story. There is no longer a need for these papers.

I stared at them, at the records of the Gladstone girl and her friends, her diary entrees, and of the drawings she made with that brown haired girl no one else liked. I peered at my own brown locks in the looking glass before throwing that page into the fire first.

Page by page I looked them over and tossed them into the flames.

Just as I reached for the last damning piece of evidence a crash sounded from upstairs.

I gripped my pistol and held my nightdress closer to my body.

It was the middle of the night, no one should be in the shop.

Slowly I made my way up the stairs to where the hidden door that connected my lab to my shop.

Cracking the door open I spotted two men.

Well this was not right and proper, they were destroying my shop.

Ripping shelves appart and record papers from stacks, I stepped into the shop, closing my door behind me with a light click.

padding up to a man who was digging through this months record book, I put the barrel of my gun to the back of his head, "You dodgy gentlemen do know it is the dead of night correct."

The second man made a move toward me before noticing the pistol, "now now, little lady we're looking for a nice young lady by the name of Gladstone, we heard from a barmaid that you would be the woman to ask."

I cocked my gun, "Fascinating questions boys, fascinating indeed unfortunately I am the one with a gun and clearly more brains than the two of you combined. So you are going to tell me exactly why it is everyone is on the hunt for miss Gladstone?"

The man in front of me growled lowly in his throat, "We don't know why Lady, we're just hired to find the bint I don't care about the why all I care about is the money."

What an ugly word, "i can assure you, miss Gladstone was no bint. Now, I suggest you leave this shop and the city of London before you find your bodies full of holes in the River Thames."

The other man looked at his partner for a brief moment before shaking his head, "you don't understand miss, we need to find the Gladstone girl."

I grit my teeth, "then do as your told and look in the River Thames."

They laughed, "We don't believe that for a second."

"then don't just take my advice and leave."

The first man ran from the shop. The second made to follow.

Only he turned at the last moment and pulled a pistol of his own from his waistcoat.

I did not hesitate a moment.

I shot him in the stomach.

And then the knee.

And then the shoulder just incase he still decided he wanted to try and shoot me once more.

"I suggest next time you listen to my advice good sir." Taking my favorite cane I prodded the man out of my door, watching him roll onto the cobblestone streets. 

A small crowed had gathered around my shop.

I rose a brow at them, "Do you not know its improper to implore upon a woman in her nightclothes. I will have you know I was just nearly robbed. Someone may want to call the medic for this man, he appears to have run into the wrong sort of people." I gave a light curtsy, "I bid you lot a good night."


"Miss Gizmo?"

I stared at the old mans rather grotesque side burns, "this is she, how may I help officer."

"Last night a man died on your door step, I was informed you claimed it to be robbery?"

I nodded, "Ah yes. His friend ran off but the man pulled a gun on me, so I shot him with my own in self defense. his life was in gods hands after that yes?"

Bullocks. God couldn't save a man from a bullet to the stomach and two to the limbs. But the police officers face seemed to soften, "of course miss, do you mind if I take a look around?"

I opened the door wider and gestured for the officer and his colleagues to come in, The took in them mess with frowning faces, "may I get you gentlemen some tea."

They tipped their hats and kindly declined.


Another trespasser?

By god I'm a magnet for men who have foul intentions. "Mr. Blythe. I am in the middle of being investigated, I do not believe you are to step past my doorjamb."

He shot me what i'm sure was meant to be a winning smile but his emerald eyes scanned the shop with a hard determination, "then come out with me for a spot of tea and scones? This is no place for a lady to eat breakfast."

I blinked at him, "no."

His smile fell, "Must you stay with the officers?"

The officers spoke for me, "She does not need to stay, you may go enjoy your tea miss Gizmo."

Oh lovely I had forgotten that men speak for me because I myself am lacking individual thought.

I grabbed my coat with a huff and followed Mr. Blythe into the street.

He turned to me, "they were looking for Ginnie?"

"that they were. Why I do not know."

He frowned, "what happened."

I rolled my eyes, "I killed one of the Pikey bastards of course."

His lips formed a fine line, "of course."

"its only logical to rid yourself of threats and those in your way Mr Blythe. It is only logical.

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