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"I still think this is a bad idea", said Oliver as he, Victor and I sat on a round table to discuss my Power of the ancients lesson.

"It's no more your choice, Ollie", I replied and shot him a glare to show how much I mean it.

"I'm only watching out of your well-being", he probed further, "This power has been known to bring out the insanity even faster".

"I said I don't give a damn about anything you say!", I shouted as I shot up from my chair and brought my face which is armed with a deadly glare up close to Oliver's, stopping just a few inches in front of his.

Unfortunately, I was so engrossed in my anger that I didn't prepare for Oliver's reaction as he sent me flying into the wall with a really aggressive blast of wind. I was still trying to get my bearings again when a warm blue light lifted me off the floor and stuck me firmly to the wall.

I saw a really frightening expression appear on Oliver's face as he walked calmly like an overconfident predator towards me and I couldn't help but cower in fear.

"Never again will you disrespect me", he said in a surprisingly calm tone for an angry man, "I get it that you're vexed because I kept a lot of things from you and believe me when I say I'm really sorry it had to be that way but never again will you raise your voice at me. Regardless of how old or powerful you might be, I will always be your father. Everything I did was for your own protection and if I'm given another chance, I'd do it all over again". Gently, he lowered me to the ground and as if the past minutes hadn't happened, he smiled and stroked my cheek before walking away.

I know that this is supposed to be the moment I say something like "I'm really sorry for being such an ass, Dad" or "I understand everything you did for me" but for some reason that even I couldn't fathom, I just kept mute and turned my attention to Victor who was watching the both of us like we're amusing actors- Seriously Victor, couldn't you at least have tried to save my head from almost getting bitten off?

Oliver was almost at the door when Victor suddenly called him. "There's still work to do", he said. I expected Oliver to ignore him and just leave but, surprisingly, he returned to calmly take his seat.

"Are you still up for the discussion or what?", Oliver asked me.

"Sure", I replied like a kid that just met his master, which in some ways I was.

"In order to be able to master the Power of the ancients, you first have to be rooted in both light and dark magic", explained Victor.

"Which one of you is going to help me with the light magic?", I asked.

"I'm still against this whole idea so Victor will be the one to help you", replied Oliver before Victor could, "Anyway, the problem isn't with the light magic but the dark one, how are you going to learn it?"

"I think I can help with that", said David as he stepped into the room, he must have been standing at the door for a long time and just waiting for the right opportunity- Quite the dramatic one, huh?

"You know someone that can teach me?", I asked, a little more enthusiastic than normal. Weird, I must add.

"I don't need to ask anyone", he replied, "The perfect teacher is standing right in front of you".

"Now, that I will have to strongly object to", said Oliver as he suddenly appeared between David and I, "There is no way in hell I'll allow any of my sons to take a lesson from a Blackhead".

"Don't you think it's about time you let go of the past?", asked David as he moved way closer to Oliver- Oh boy! This is so not going to end well.

"Guys, I think...", I started but trailed off as Victor pulled me aside.

"David deserves every pain in the world and Oliver will be sure to dish it out to him", he said which prompted a disbelieving look from me, I can't believe he would allow the both of them to go at each other's throats like that.

By now, David and Oliver were already evenly spaced apart and were about to begin the duel.

"Dad, stop!", I yelled as he was about to send a really big ball of fire at David. I had to step between the two of them just to make sure they'll stop. "Just like I can't judge you, you can't judge him either", I said.

"Troy, you don't know the things that this epitome of evil had done", he said and I saw him ready another big ball of fire.

"Actually, I do", I replied, keeping my mind on the ready to counter Oliver at any time, "He told me and I know it hurt everyone but he had to do it. His father got to know about your plan so he used the girl he loved to force his hands. He atoned for it by helping the mages to stop his father which without that help, the both of you wouldn't have survived that battle".

"He lied to you!", Oliver shouted but I saw his resolution waver a bit and knew that he was starting to see reason, I just have to keep pushing.

"I told you he wasn't going to believe it", David said from behind me but I quickly shushed him, this is no moment for interruption.

"I know that there are some things that are hard to take in at once, believe me I do. I'm not asking you to forgive either but you have to stop this hatred, you need each other's help now more than ever", I pressed on.

"You really trust him that much?", asked Oliver, his voice down to a whisper as if tired of fighting.

"Yes", I replied with a weak smile, "Besides, beneath all that dark exterior, he's as good as they come".

"Okay, I'll allow you to teach Troy ", Oliver said as he went to give David an handshake, "But I'll still be keeping an eye on you. One mistake and I'll make sure to turn you into a bonfire, are we clear?"

"Crystal", replied David, giving Oliver an evil smile of his own. Well, they still don't like each other but it's a start, time will take care of the remaining. For now, there's a power that needs to be learnt.

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