"If it means we can have some fun!"(For Caitlin)

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 You were in your room writing the lyrics to a new song you thought of.You started to pull on the strings on your guitar when you heard somene knocking.

You got up from your bed and made your way down the stairs.You look out your window and saw a person in all black.You open the door and you couldn't see it's face.He had a snapback with a hoodie also.

"Hey can I help you?" you ask.He takes his hat and hoodie off and you stay frozen.

"Yeah can I stay for a couple of hours,the paps are up my ass!" Justin says.

Omg Omg Omg you tried so hard not to scream.Justin Freakin Bieber was standing infront of you.

"S-sure!" stuttered and ushered him in.

"What's your name?" he asks.

"Caitlin but you could call me Cat!" you say and he smiles.

He looks around your house and you stand there akwardly.

"You have a really nice house!" he says and looks at you.You smile and thank him.

"Ummmm.do you want to come upstairs..I was kinda working on something before you..um..came!" You say while rubbing your arm nervously.

"Sure?!" he said but it sounded like a question.

You started up the steps and you felt his gaze burn into your ass.OMG!

You were wearing shorts and a tank top that showed a little clevage.You smiled at the thought.

You walk into your poster covered room and sit on your bed.Justin walks up to the door and stops.

"Wow,someones a fan!" he said looking around your room.You giggle.

"yeah..." you said

"Come on sit..i don't bite!" you motion him to sit next to you.

He sits next to you and looks intently at your guitar.

"You play?" he asks.

"Yeah..and kinda write too.That's what I was doing before you came!" you say and show him your notebook.He examines it and chuckles.

"What's so funny?" you ask kinda confused.He hands you your notebook and you read it.Your eyes become wide and you look at him and he had the biggest smirk plastered on his lips.

"So you want to fuck me hard and make me scream your name..hugh?" he said.

You started to blush crazy and you layed down and hid your face on your pillow.Justin chuckled again.

You then suddenly felt some weight on your back and hot breath on your hair.

"Justin...what are you doing?" you ask.

"I wouldn't mind if you did that to me at all!" he said sexily in your ear.

"What?" you said and turned around so you were facing him and he was still ontop.

"I said I wouldn't mind for you to fuck me and I wouldn't mind screaming your name!" he said while inching closer to your lips.

You started to get butterflies and you got nervous.

You finally felt his warm soft lips on yours.You felt fireworks explode everywhere.Your lips moved perfectly in syn together.

He licked your bottom lip for enterence but you didn't let him.You were such a tease.

He then grabbed your right breast and you gasped wich allowed him to enter your mouth.He smirked into the kiss and you smiled.

You ran your hand down his chest and reached his man-hood.You squeezed it hard and it made him pull away from the kiss.

"Cat..." he moaned while he pulled away.

"Justin..." you mimmiked him.

He started to kiss down your jawline and down your neck.You let out a moan when he reached your sweetspot.

"Justin?....." you say.

"hugh?" he says while still kissing your neck.

"Do you want to spend the night?" you ask.

"If it means we can have some fun..if you know what I mean!'' he says while looking at you.


"Then yeah..." he said while lifting up your shirt.

Let's just say it was a long night!


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