"Remember your place woman, I could kill you in an instant and no one would do so much as shed a tear over you! They'd just say you should have behaved, then they'd get on with their lives!" Masky spat angrily, before he removed his hand from her throat to let her breathe properly. She gasped, panted, and wheezed for a few minutes- he continued to sit on top of her to ensue she didn't try to throw a punch at him. He didn't quiet expected, but she had smacked him back once- and he'd made sure to really lay into her after she did. However, what he saw next startled him. Tears were welling in her eyes, and a pain radiated from her expression that he had never witnessed before- she'd never let him see by expression that she was in pain. For a split second, he froze in shock- and that gave her the chance to vent her frustrations at him.

"Well if I've got so little to live for then why don't you just kill me?! Why not do it and get it over with so I don't have to deal with all this bullshit anymore?!" (Y/N) half screamed as she glared up at him through crying eyes. Her little outburst startled him so much that he couldn't even think of a response- so she just kept going.
"You think I wanted this?! That I wanted to find you fucking murderers and become your godforsaken slave?! No! I just wanted to go for a walk in the woods to clear my head after I'd lost my entire fucking family to a fire!... Then you and your dumbass partner just happened to be in the goddamned woods carrying around a bunch of duffle bags and I followed you because I thought you were going camping!.. I thought that maybe you knew about some beautiful lake hidden in the middle of the woods and I was so upset over loosing my family that I blindly followed you hoping that maybe some stunning lake might help me get my act together!... But no. All I found was an ugly old mansion filled with monsters and serial killers- monsters and serial killers that forced me to become a servant to a fucking sadist in exchange for letting me live!... So go ahead, kill me... Its obvious you'd be doing me a favor..." She screamed at first, only to fall into a pathetic whisper as he turned her head to the side to let her tears fall freely. She fell silent and stared at the wall sadly- she made no move to sit up or roll over when he climbed off of her stomach to sit on the bed. Nor did she make a move to resist when his hands fell around her throat once more. She just closed her eyes, and waited patiently for the black out- which soon sent her plummeting into nothingness...

Sometime later, she woke to find herself with her arms bound to the headboard of a bed. She didn't know how long she had been there, or who had put her there- but she knew that she was naked. She could feel her bare skin rubbing against the smooth fabric of the sheets as she squirmed in an attempt at freeing herself. She soon gave up on getting free, and found herself feeling slight gratitude that whoever had done this to her had had the decency to cover her bare body with a blanket so she wouldn't be as exposed. Or, maybe that was just to prevent her from getting to cold. Either way, she had a blanket covering her and she was warm, so, she could be somewhat grateful for that. She was surprised though- not about being tied up, but about being alive. She was sure that Masky would have done off with her. Hell, for all she knew the bastard was going to give her to Eyeless Jack as a fresh food supply- or, maybe Slenderman was going to eat her. In all honestly, she didn't know- but, she believed she was going to die, one way or another. Part of her hoped it would be Laughing Jack, or even Jeff the killer that came and did her off. Why? Well, for one- Jeff wasn't exactly known for torturing his victims physically. He gave em a mental scare, then killed them with a quick blow- so, she wouldn't suffer much at his hands. As for Laughing Jack- she'd been told be many of the other servants that he was the best way out if you wanted death. Apparently dozens of the other servants had gone to him in the past, and according to the others, you were always buried with a pleasant smile on your face. Somehow, the clown killed you with joy- some people said he used illusions to make you remember only happy things while he proceeded to rip your entrails out. Sure, the death would probably be more gruesome- but, it would be worth being happy come death.

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