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"Come on Brooklynn!! It's time for school! Wake up!!" called Mom

"My name is Slash, thank you very much!" I yelled

I got ready for school and put on some destroyed, black skinny jeans and a hot topic shirt

"Ya know Daryll? I don't think she needs to be emo right now..." said Mom from the other room

"She's probably just going through a phase, she's been through a lot, her real father leaving her...me coming into her life...and other stuff...she just needs support." said my Dad

I grabbed my bag and walked downstairs

"Bye sweetie poo!!" called my mom

I walked out without saying bye.

When I walked out I heard my dad say, "also, she probably doesn't want to be called Sweetie Poo--being in High School."

Oh. How my 'dad' understands me.

"Hey Slash." called Anastasia from the end of my driveway

"Hey Ana." I said in a bland tone of voice.

Anastasia was really the only one that could de-code me. She understood me and was my only friend aside from the emo group at school. Ana wasn't emo, she was a blond cheerleader, and she wasn't ashamed of hanging out with me. We met in 2nd grade and have been friends and supportive of each other since then. No one bothered her about hanging out with me because she was popular and pretty much 'ruled the school'.

"I heard Zachary likes you." I said, sadly. I liked Zachary... And she had to have known that.

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