Chapter 13

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Tobias P.O.V:

We wake up quite late and decide to go to the cafeteria to get breakfast. We get dressed and finally get down there. We sit at a table with Christina, Will, Zeke, Shauna, Marlene and Lynn; they all give me dirty looks but they welcome Nita. Then, I see Tris, Uriah a and Verity walk in like they've had the best day ever but the day has just started.

Tris sat down and just smiled.

Tris P.O.V:

We walked into the cafeteria and I couldn't help but smile. I saw Tobias, no, Four and his girlfriend, Nita, sitting at our table with the gang. I wanted to scowl at him but with the night I had last night, I just can't do it, so I just smiled. I can't help it.

Christina asks "why are you two so happy?"
Me, Uriah, Zeke and Shauna grinned; Zeke and Shauna already knew as they had looked after Verity and Tiny for the night.

"Uriah proposed to me," I said.

Uriah continued on "and Tris said yes!"

Everybody congratulated us and hugged us except To-, wait, Four.

++Later on++

We went home and put Verity down for a nap. I decided to take Tiny for a walk because he's too hyper and Uriah looks like he needs a rest: he had to run to the chasm to save a new initiate from falling; they thought they'd be clever by trying to jump over the chasm onto the small ledge on the other side. Nearly died, the idiot, and he had the cheek to hit on me!

I leave a note for Uriah, as he fell asleep on the couch, saying what I was doing. I picked up my keys and walked out the door; I locked the door and suddenly, bumped into someone. Why? Why him?

"Tris, can I speak to you for minute?" Ugh! Why, just why?
"Why do you want to speak to me?"

"Just. Listen."

"Fine. I'm listening."

"Considering I'm her dad, maybe Verity could come round every week to ease her into it?"

"Ok, I'll consider that. What day?"

"Sunday is probably best."


"I've got to go now, have fun on your walk."

"Huh," I say as he nods towards Tiny, "oh."

Nita P.O.V:

Tobias walks in and sits down beside me. I kiss his cheek and ask him how he's been. He says that he's been fine and that he's got some news.
"Verity's gonna be coming round every week on Sundays!"

I know she's Tobias's daughter but she's also that 'little brat's' daughter.
"Great!" I grit my teeth.

"I'm glad you're happy!" he replies.
I hate the little worm; why does she have to come over? I cuddle him and say "but Sunday is our day!"
"Well, Saturday could be?"

"But you're at work on Saturday checking the cameras!"

"Well what if I told you that I can get Sundays off now?"


"The firm promoted me and I can choose my own hours!"

"That's great honey!"

I go to bed to get ready for tomorrow when Tobias comes in. "It'll be an experience tomorrow. It should be fun!"

"Definitely! Should be..." I sarcastically say, without him noticing again.
Nita's not too happy, huh? What do you think? I'm still in France now.
Yay or Nay?
Emilee xx

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