Chapter 9

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Nico PoV

"Oh. Uh, yeah I just forgot." And it's true. I actually completely forgot. I had already told my mom and she was completely fine with it. Will started walking towards the road then turned around to face me as I hadn't moved. "Are you coming?" He asked with somewhat of a smirk. I began to walk towards him as he waited. When I caught up he continued to walk.

"You know-" he said breaking the semi-awkward silence, "- instead of going to my house we should go to this coffee shop down the road." I looked up at him through my eyelashes. "I mean if that's okay with you." He added, bringing his hand up to scratch the back of his neck. I smiled silently to my self. "That would be fine," I said barely loud enough to hear, stuffing my hands in the pockets of my jeans.

He looked down at my and smiled brightly. We continued to walk in a silence that was more comfortable than before. After a short while we were in front of a small, cozy looking coffee shop. We walked through the doors and I was overcome by the warning scent of coffee.

"Will!" I hear some one call in a high voice. "Hi Amika." I hear Will say in an amused tone. I then look over to see Will being engulfed in a hug by the barista. She had short platinum blonde hair, and a dark red beenie. She had a few piercings and small tattoos littered on her arms and shoulders that could be seen because of the dark loose fitting shirt that she was wearing under her gray apron. She was a little taller than me, I being only 5'4, but was still towered over my Will. She was wearing tattered black jeans and dark blue vans. So was pretty, and a little intimidating actually.

Will PoV

"I haven't seen you on forever!" Amika said pulling away from me and putting her hands on my shoulders. I chuckled and looked down at her. "You saw me when I was here yesterday, remember?" She took her hands off of me. "Of course I do. That was a long time ago?" I smiled again "Yeah, yeah. But you better get back to work there is some one at the counter." She quickly looked over at the counter, and there was indeed somebody waiting there. She scurried off behind and began to take the man's order.

I looked down at Nico, "c'mon, lets go sit." We walked over to a table and sat down. "What kind of coffee do you like?" I questioned. Nico looked at me through his messy fringe, his cheeks were tinted pink. He was quiet for a moment before a silent answer of "black" came out of his mouth. All I could think was how cute he was. I noticed that Amika was done with the costumer, and stood up to go order, "I will be right back," I said to Nico before walking away.

As I walked up to the counter Amika gave me a knowing smile after glancing at Nico. "So. Your usual?" I nodded at her. "And a black coffee for him." I said looking back at Nico. Amika was a year older than me, we had started to become friends when I came here for the first time during freshmen year and asked her to 'surprise me' when she asked for my order. I have come here everyday on my way home from school after that. Me and Amika had become close friends as we would hang out after she got off. It was her parents' coffee shop so she had worked there for a while.

"So? Small dark and handsome, eh?" she said making our coffees, still smirking. "Oh shut it, I met him this morning."
"What's his name? Is he the one?" she questioned. I looked down at my hands that were resting on the counter. "It's Nico. And yeah. Yeah he is." she let's out a loud squeal causing some of the people in the shop to look at her. "Awe you guys are so cute!" she says as she sets the coffees in front of me. All Indo is blush and hand her the money. I go back to the table where I was sitting to see Nico picking at the loose strings of his pants. I sit down and put his coffee in front of him and he looked up. I flashed him a smile and began to sip my coffee. He also wrapped his small fingers around the cup and brought it up to his lips.

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