Chapter Twelve» Saif

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Millions of emotions ran through my mind. I could feel butterflies erupt throughout my stomach; making my knees go weak. My thundering heart numbed my ears as I felt the soft lips move against my swollen one. Washing away all thoughts. 

Everything around me seemed to get dizzier making me clutch against his broad shoulders. Pulling him in.

What was happening?

I gasped though I didn't have time to ponder on my thoughts feeling his strong  hand; grip against the nape of my neck. Pulling me in. The lids of my eyes got  heavier as if intoxicated seeing the handsome man before me leave feather like kisses along my neck. Making an embarrassing moąn escape my lips.

I didn't get chance to compose myself as his once soft lips came crashing on mine again.  Leaving me breathless. Not having the strength to stare at him any longer.  I could feel my eyes closing tightly. My toes curling against the carpet.

" Omar?" I gasped breathless looking up at him. The brown of his eyes darkened as his soft thumb brushed against my swollen lips. Inhaling sharply. He placed his forehead against mine. His hand never leaving my neck as we breathed heavily. Taking everything in.

Looking up at me his eyes widened slowly. It was as though ice water was splashed on him. His once relaxed form now stared at me rigged. Not believing  what he was seeing. 

He stared at me in shock. His face swimming with hundreds of emotions making  his eyes darken. Taking a step backwards I  look down and bit my lip in nervousness. Hearing his rapid breathing, seeing him take steps away from me.

" Shıt" he muttered running a hand through his thick hair whilst looking at me with the most disgusted look ever. Making me take a step back. Away from him.

I felt cold shivers run down my body all of a sudden. A heavy feeling setting in my heart. My once beating heart seemed to stop. Now filling with dread. It was as though all the air had been sucked out of me. As I stared shocked at him. A tormenting look plastering his face. The once warm fuzzy feeling was now replaced with fear. Not believing  what he had just uttered.

" Omar-" I whispered softly. My voice barely a whisper seeing the man before me stiffen. His dark eyes landing on me. The once relaxed face now looked furious. Hundred of emotions flashing through them.

" Naina. Go" he seethed. His hands tightening in to a fist. Shaking my head all thoughts and sense washed away. As we both stared at each other. Holding secrets bigger than us.

" NOW" he barked loudly.

My once clear vision became blurry as I pushed against his chest. Seeing him stumble. Gripping my scarf I found my legs moving with its own accord. As though they had a mind of its own. All thoughts of reality came crashing  down. Shattering my dreams. All hopes of me and Omar starting a new life now felt like a broken mirror. It's splinters being washed ashore with the winds. Just like a distance hope it now remained a broken memory.

Unknown P.O.V

Taking a deep breath I stepped out of the black Mercedes-Benz ; as I scanned the large white mansion.

The thundering of my heart had left my body numb. Unable to think straight. Closing my eyes tightly. I tried composing myself. Asking the same question hundreds of times again.

Why was I here again? Though even the question seemed like a ridiculous tune to my ears. I was here for a purpose.

I could feel my nervousness taking  over me but swallowed it immediately; placing my black shades in the pocket of my black suit. I took a step towards the largedoor. Raising my hand. There was no turning back now.

I didn't know how they would react. I didn't know how she would react. But I had to see her. One last time. I just had to see her. I know I committed a grave mistake but nothing is compared to her forgiveness.

All I needed was to look at her. Just once. To see whether she was okay. If he was treating her well, though even I knew the answer to that question all too well. This was Omar. The heartless monster.

Lord what have I done? I gasped horrified.

Opening the large door I found my self stepping inside the large hall. Looking around the place I once called Home. An eerie silence now remained in each corners. Memories swept by as my eyes took in the familiar surroundings.

I  was abruptly interrupted  out of my thoughts hearing small footsteps running down the stairs. Looking up I could feel my eyes widening staring at the woman before me.

I knew she was beautiful, but God. She is mesmerising. How can someone make a beautiful woman like her cry?

Staring at her like a madman, I finally saw her after all this time. Running down the stairs as large tears spilled down on to her cheeks. Making me clench my jaw. The thin long fingers brushed against the tears as she ran down. Her gaze focused on her movements. 

Her petite form abruptly stopped. There in front of me she stood. Barely a few feets away from me her body stiffened;  and the Hazel of her eyes widened. Her lips parting.

It was as though she saw a ghost before her. Not believing the sight. The soft of her voice reached my ears making something pull inside of  me.

" Saif?!"

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