Chapter 1: Life After High School

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"Goodbye high school, here I come college!", Caroline thought right after she woke up in her bed.

Although she was excited about the fact that she had finished high school, she realized that she was also little sad. She realized that she may attend high school and graduate as many times as she liked. After all, she was a vampire, an immortal, staying young forever. It would be easy way to infiltrate to the crowd, when it was time to move out. People get suspicious when you seem ageless and you just can't count on praising the beauty products and a healthy diet forever. Compulsion would be a poor option, since you had to compel each and everyone in the town.

Anyway, high school wouldn't be the same without her friends.

"And I would not want to experience all the high school drama again, though I might miss all the parties", she thought by herself and smirked.

In her short life as a vampire, she had confronted much more serious business than traditional high school drama. Actually, it might be refreshing to deal with such problems as what to wear today at school, studying for history or math test and gossip about other people's relationships.

Relationships. Tyler. When she thought of him, her face just lit up. "He's free to come back", she rejoiced. And then she remembered, who to thank for that. Klaus. She thouched her cheek, the same Klaus had gave a light kiss last night. She repeated their conversation in her head over and over again. Yet she found it very hard believe that he actually had said those words:

"Tyler is now free to return to Mystic Falls."

But he had said something else too.

"He's your first love. I intend to be your last. However long it takes."

Saying something like that is... well... huge. And if the person who says it is an immortal one, the meaning goes up in to another dimension! She was still stunned about those words.

Caroline shook her head to clear her thoughts. This was not the time to think about such a big things, she would handle it later Caroline sort of snapped to herself. Caroline looked outside and see that the sun was shining up in the sky already. She decided to go out to do stuff, maybe have some little project to take her mind off this, a homecoming party to Tyler perhaps? Now it was time to focus on Tyler and his return. She just hoped that he would be there with her soon...

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