21.Family Reunion/Wedding Plans/Love.

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I opened the door and it was Leo. i looked at him and hugged him i told him to come in and he did. he went over to chris and they did a bro hug i sat on the coach with them. 

Layla: Leo god i missed you!

Leo: i missed you too thats why i came to see you! 

Layla: aw. 

Leo: and i came because i saw what happened in the Cafeteria i was about to attack him but my friends were holding me back i wanted to check if you are okay. 

Layla: Thank you Leo and yes i'm okay. 

Leo: No problem 

Layla: im thinking about surprising mom tomorrow by coming but don't tell her. 

Leo: really? okay i won't tell her. 

Chris: so have you found a girl? 

Leo: Nope! 

Chris: you know we can go to the club and get some girls. *winks*

Layla:No! you will not take my brother to a club!

Leo: Come on sis im gonna find a girlfriend there!

Layla: yah right your gonna find a bimbo! 

Chris: is someone jealous that girls will come up to me? *smirks*

Layla: No im not jealous i just don't want my brother going to a club! with a lot of bimbos! 

Leo: are you jealous that chris is going to find a girlfriend? 

Layla: he is gonna find a bimbo! No im not! 

Chris: mhm sure! 

Layla: that's it im gonna go to bed goodnight 

Leo: i think i should get going 

Layla: No stay! please sleep in the guestroom. 

Leo: Layla i don't know! i don't want to hear moaning! 

Layla: LEO! Srsly?! i don't care your staying you will not hear moaning tonight because im still a virgin! and plus you know we don't get along well!

Leo: yah yah sure!

Chris: you might hear that tonight *winks* 

Layla: Stop chris! thats it you are staying im gonna go to bed. 

before i went to bed i locked the door in case a murder/rapist/Thief walks in. i ran upstairs i showed leo the guestroom he went in and shut the door chris was in our room i went in and saw him only in his sweats. i avoided it but i really wanted to look at his body he has muscles, abs, his V line was out Okay layla stop staring you are so creepy. i went in the walk in closet i took out my night gown dressed into it and trust me it was short, white, and you can see my underwear and bra under it but oh well it will be dark anyways chris is not gonna see me. 

Chris: Wow! you know we can... *winks*

Layla: Stop! 

Chris: come on Crawford and Lea did it before us! 

Layla: maybe because they are in love we are forced to love each other chris! dur...

Chris: fine goodnight 

Layla: Goodnight! 


I woke up with some boys screaming out Goal! i got up went to the shower washed my hair got out of the shower went and got my outfit (Outfit on top) i got dressed dried my hair curled it. put on some make up: Foundation, Blush, Smokey eye, and mascara sprayed some perfume and went downstairs. i saw chris and Leo playing xbox. i kind of checked what they were wearing Leo was wearing: Jeans, with a T-shirt that says Obey with some Jordan's i looked what chris was wearing he was wearing: skinny jeans, a black Dope t-shirt, and black and white vans. 

Layla: good morning ass holes! 

Chris: why the language?

Layla: because of you two screaming GOAL!! of course the whole neighborhood would hear you guys! 

Leo: Not our fault

Layla: anyways can we go now?

Chris: okay just this last round and we will go babe 

Layla: fine just hurry the hell up! 

Leo: GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chris: GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Layla: WTF! Stop lets go now or else! 

Chris: or else what. i went next to the xbox and put my hand where you turn it off. 

Chris and Leo: NO!!!!! 

Layla: stop screaming! i will give you guys 5 min! 

Chris: You really think we will finish a game in 5 min? 

Layla: thats it. i turned the xbox off they looked at me like i killed someone i gave them the evil smile. Chris and leo smirked at each other and slowly got up i gave them a confused look 

Layla: what are you guys doing? 

Chris: nothing just giving you a punishment

i tried to run but leo held me chris picked me up bridal style and slowly put me on the coach and they both started tickling me. 

Layla: G-g-guys s-stop p-please! i-i-i c-c-can't breath i said between my laugh. 

Leo: say Leo is the best brother in the world! 

Chris: and say chris is the sexist fiance in the world! 

Layla: N-N-Never! 

Chris: well i guess we will be here all day then! 

Layla: F-F-Fine! L-Leo I-I-is T-The B-B-Best B-Brother in T-The world! A-And C-Chris is T-The S-Sexist F-Fiance in the world! 

Leo: good 

they stopped tickling me i got up fixed my skirt and grabbed my bag and my Phone we went into the car. Leo went into his own car and I went into chris's car. 

Chris: You look beautiful BTW. 

Layla: Thank you 

Chris: you know we have to plan our wedding. 

Layla: Yah i know. 

we made it to my house i knocked on the door my mom opened it she looked so happy i hugged her when we entered Stacey and someone woman was there. i went up to stacey and hugged her. 

Layla: Oh my gosh what are you doing here? 

Stacey: we are planning the wedding! 

Mom: we were gonna call you to come but i guess we didn't have too! 

Layla: well should we get started

Mom: yes, but i want you to meet your wedding planner Diana. 

Layla: Nice to meet you diana 

Diana: nice to meet you too layla you look beautiful.

Layla: thank you.

we sat down we started planning the wedding we got the invitation cards, we went to the cake place tasted the really good chocolate cake it looked beautiful. we went to this wedding dress place i found this beautiful puffy dress it looked sexy. we finally finished Planning the wedding me and chris decided to stay at stacey's house. 

Layla: well that was a tiring day! 

Chris: Yah i know. 

Layla: anyways we should get to bed. 

Chris: yah 

i was done dressing into my nightgown and chris was done dressing into his sweats we went to bed. 

Layla: Goodnight! 

Chris: Goodnight Love!

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