"Did I just hear shopping?" Malcolm asked as he strolled in the door. Alice didn't look over at him, or even at him directly when she did acknowledge him. He didn't look terribly confortable under her regard either. It wasn't like he fidgeted, more like he scuffed his feet a little.

"Mr. Bottomswell informed me today about the senior trip. Cheapest time to buy summer clothes is this time of year, so... shopping." Alice answered with a shrug. It would be easiest for both of them if she acted like seeing him make out with his girlfriend hadn't bothered her. He was uncomfortable with being caught and she was jsut uncomfortable period.

"I guess that makes sense." Mal nodded. "Anyways, I was just coming in to tell Salali that I'm going to have to back out of tonight, sorry. There's some personal things I need to attend to." he stated and Alice tried not to feel sick as she realized that was a euphemism for going to go screw Shawna's brains out. This day was just going swirling down the drain for Alice and she suddenly had the overwhelming urge for moose tracks ice cream and a good action movie. Like Pitch Black, yeah, watching a hard, hot bodied alpha male run amok sounded just about perfect to Alice.

"You're eyes just got real creepy." Mal stated, drawing Alice out of her day dream. She squashed the rising blush and smiled.

"Sorry, was just thinking about having meat for dinner." she answered and swallowed a giggle at the unintended freudian slip. "Was deciding between chicken or beef." she added in, trying not to sound completely lame.

"That's nice, volunteering to cook. But honey, you and I are on our own tonight, which means fast food for dinner in between tasks." Salali laughed.

"Goodnight ladies!." Malcolm called out to the two and headed towards the door.

Alice couldn't resist the sudden urge to be a complete ass. "Goodbye Mal. Have good sex!" she called after him. Salali looked at her, stunned and then started to roar with laughter. The door out slammed shut and Alice cracked up too. She wiped tears from her eyes as Salali clutched her stomache and pretended that they were entirely due to the laughter.

Alice woke up earlier on Tuesday morning and had a hard time remembering the clear timeline from last night. It had been pure flight of the bumblebees in there, with both women dashing around to feed, brush and exercise the animals and clear out, freshen up and reset the containers. Several of the animals were just borders for families away on vacation and the ones with a green tag on their collar were good group players that the women gave free reign to in the back lot. Other shops had used this space for parking. Salali had turned hers into a fully manicured lawn with bushes, flowers and a tree for the dogs to play in. Inside one of the 'display pens' was easily converted into a huge cat tree that the social ones could play on.

And then there were the rescues. Cats and dogs that had been starved, beaten, neglected and locked up. Several had terrible scars and one puppy had survived all of his littermates, the only one of eight to live. Alice loved that little mongrel, he wasn't tiny but he was sleek, short brown fur, lithe muscles and a network of old scars on his chest and neck. He'd been rescued from a dog fighting ring, and despite the early abuse was showing signs of becoming socialized. He didn't snap and snarl at the other dogs unless they crowded him or got carried away, and he was no longer angry and terrified towards humans. It didn't escape Alice's notice that he reminded her a lot of herself and that just seemed to build the kinship more.

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