EXACTLY Part 7 Carter's POV

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"I'll do it." I held my cell phone tight and up for them to see. It wasn't tight enough though because when Scotty came charging at me and hugged me Macy was able to steal it.

"Carter we are only trying to help you. We care about you deeply don't hate us please." Scotty let me go and got on his knees and begged.

"We don't want you to go home when your parents aren't home and then sleep walk and fall to your death like you almost already did." Macy had tear filled eyes because she really cared.

"Oh." Now I understood a little better. "You still didn't need to tell him I still like him." I threw a pillow at Macy.

"So it's true." Scotty got a smirk on his face.

"I never said that!" I yelled and I threw a pillow at him too.

"You meant it though. I know that. Your feelings are showing Carter." He looked at me up through his eyelashes. His eyes were killing me.

"Alright fine!!!!!!! I still like you. I'm not coming back though." I stood my ground or tried.

"Come on Carter. Come on. You know you want to be back in my arms." He tried to get me back. I wasn't falling for it again.

"No. No matter how much I want it...It's not happening." I smiled but in my head I whispered "Although I'd kill for it." But that was just a thought he'd never hear from me.

"So tell me what you are really thinking." Scotty took a step towards me.

"Not happening." I took a step back.

"Awww. Come on Carter. I love you and I know you love me. Just admit that none of those feelings have faded away." He took another step.

"NO!!!!" I took another step back and fell onto the couch.

"Macy please get the evidence that I am looking for." Scotty sat down on the couch next to me and pulled me on his lap.

"You should probably stay for this." He whispered in my ear and I just melted right there. I wouldn't let it show even a little bit though.

"I can't find it." Macy came back stomping on the ground.

I knew exactly what she had been looking for. I had hid it immediately when we got back here. My lie was that I had been in the bathroom but really I was hiding my drawling pad. It had pictures and drawings that most people would find flawless. I found flaws though because they were my dreams and although they matched my feelings lately they also showed things I didn't want anyone to know. They spoke the story about me still liking Scotty perfectly.

The most recent picture I drew yesterday. It was right before I went to school. I had had the best dream ever of Scotty and I. We had been standing in a stream just looking for cool looking rocks for my rock collection when he came up behind me and hugged me. The picture is of that. You can see us standing like a side view. I have a nice polka dot bikini on and he has swimming trunks. My swimsuit of choice is black and white and his is just jet black. I have us standing under a tree as he leans down to kiss me. It's effortless and I did the dumb thing and showed it to Macy. Who knew she'd go against me though.

"Macy you'll never find it." I smiled an evil smile at her.

"Oh I most definitely will and until I do you are not leaving." She locked the door.

"I have hands you know. I can unlock doors." I reminded her that I wasn't under any circumstances going to be her little prisoner. Maybe Scotty's...

-Carter you can not think that!!! Stop it now!!!! Before I hurt you.

-But you are me

-It doesn't matter. The claws will show if you don't stop thinking about him.

-But I like him.

-Stop being so gaga over that guy.

-But but...

-That's an order. Now I'm warning you... One more word and it's BANG and you're gone.

-okay fine.

"I won't let you unlock the doors though. I'm keeping you right here. Also, if I do lose grip on you it will only be a second so that lock is just in case. But here's the thing Carter, I won't loose track of you." Scotty, the only thing in my way was going to keep me here. Great but if it had to be someone I'm happy it's him.

-I warned you...

-Fine. Okay. I'll shut up. Just please don't hurt me.

-Okay but one more word...

- I promise I won't say anything else.

"Carter it'd be easier if you just admitted you liked me." Scotty smiled at me.

"But I don't. I like someone else." I said.

"Who?" Scotty seemed hurt but nervous, jealous, and curious all at once. I was now winning against him.

"Someone." I responded.

"Who?" He asked.

My phone rang and gave me a free ticket away from Scotty. I did have a crush on the guy that was calling and I just couldn't wait to say yes to him. I knew this was the only reason he was calling because he had never called before and we didn't have any classes together so he couldn't be asking for homework help.

"Yes?" I answered the phone and walked away from Scotty. I was acting sexy and confident.

"Would you like to go out with me?" The guy on the other end of the line asked me so sweetly.

"And who is this may I ask?" I batted my eyes at Scotty and acted like a girl would when a guy she liked called her on the phone. I was only half acting though because I did like this guy just not as much as I was acting like I did. He would be the perfect guy to drive Scotty insane though because it was one of Scotty's teammates and he had already seen me with this guy before.

I couldn't wait to make Scotty insane.

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