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The Story Of Best Friends Forever

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Hello guys so this Is my first time to create a fan fix my name is Aisha Galsim and I have my BFFUD (best friend forever until death) and it is Pauline Okeeffe this title is the story of best friends forever like and comment vote

Sha-Aisha Pau-Pauline

It all begins with friendship......

Sha- hey want to eat with me???

Pau- sure why not???

Sha- See you later then!!! Lah lah lah

Pau- That girl is crazy

Sha- There is she!!!

Pau- Hi what's your name???

Sha- Iam Aisha how about you

Pau- Iam Pauline you can call me Pau

Sha- Let's buy food come on!!!

Pau- What do you want to buy Sha

Sha- What are you calling me???

Pau- Sha??? Why???

Sha- That's for what

Pau- Well ahh.... Nickname for you

Sha- Well nice!!!

Lady- what do you want to buy???

Sha- Chicken half rice

Pau- Me too..

Lady- It cause 55$


Pau- Well it's time

Sha- Yeh teacher might kill us

Pau- Let's just past papers

Sha- Okay!!!

Pau- Pst... Here

Reading letter.....

Sha- Hey so let's play later dismissal okay


Sha- Okay BFF ....pst

Reading letter......

Pau- Okay BFF??? What is BFF???

Teacher- One divided by three.....

Sha- Math.....

Pau- So what is BFF Sha ???

Sha- Best friends forever

Pau- Sweet!!! You know Aisha too early were Still Best Friends....

Sha- Thanks!!! Do you know monster high

Pau- No???

Sha- Well there's lot of characters I will just say you the main three characters

Pau- Who are they???

Sha- Frankie daughter of Frankenstein, Draculaura daughter of Dracula, Clawdeen daughter of Werwolf

Pau- Ah... Okay

Sha- Being Best Friends Forever are not enough but if you have friendship you can live happy forever!!!

That's all iam just 9 years old so like,comment,vote thank you for reading!!!!

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