Ch 6: A Dog

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A/N: tiz the dress of gizmo!


Gizmo POV:

"by god woman are you wearing a skirt?"

I huffed, locking my shop before turning to Mr. Blythe in the quickly setting sun, "I prefer to wear them when going to crowded places due to the impracticality of being stopped and questioned of the moral standards I posses, it could quickly turn two hours into twenty and wastes my time. I do not enjoy my time being wasted." I shot him a pointed look, "you would be wise to remember that Mr. Blythe."

He gave me that infuriating grin, "I can assure you Gizmo, time spent with me is not time wasted."

I pursed my lips, doubting that severely, "where are you taking me for my much needed drink?"

"I figured you would enjoy visiting with Samson."

If by visit he meant glaring and plotting for the loss of his other hand then perhaps.

Otherwise I would really rather retreat to my own chambers, drink my own drink and indulge in a sinfully delightful read. "Very well." He held out his arm for me. I stared at it for a long moment, "what the devil am I to do with your arm, surly you do not expect me cling to it like some common ninny made of frills and petticoats."

"Actually thats exactly what I expected just with much more intelligence and a larger ration of leather over frills."

I stared at him for another moment before walking past him and down the streets, "perfect example of waisting my time Mr. Blythe. A perfect example indeed."

He hummed, "Well dear I can easily say that I prefer you in you leather pants, they do much more for your lovely figure."

I paused in the middle of the street, "do not tell me you are being an immoral scoundrel and staring at my rump Mr. Blythe, I thought you fancied yourself a gentlemen."

"Ah, I do not recall ever claiming to be a thing such a gentlemen, and I can assure you I had been looking at your rump much more when you were dressed in your skins your legs too, quite a lovely shape. Now such lovely things have been covered, its a shame really."

I took several deep breaths as to not pull my pistol from my skirts and shoot him between his emerald eyes. "You are a dog Mr. Blythe a bloody dog who owes me a drink."

His laugher was a husky rich sound as he stepped beside me, "ah well dog is not such a bad thing dear they are loyal creatures and seem to be very fond of pleasing women."

"Multiple women is by no means loyal Mr. Blythe a dog is only loyal to its master after good training and a bit of food."

Another laugh as we walked through the darkening streets of London. "My my Gizmo, a cynical woman are you?"

"I am a lot of things Mr. Blythe just ask the ladies in town, they will tell you all you need to know."

"Ah but not where I can find my Ginnie."

"Your Ginnie? I was under the impression you had never even met the woman."

"I havent, I just like the way her name tastes and it makes my story sound so much sweeter to refer to the woman as my own. Many will do their best to reconnect lovers, not so much strangers."

I huffed, following him to the bar, A haughty twist to my lips, "the more I talk to you, the more I dislike you Mr. Blythe."

A few patrons stopped to stare at me for it was not too often the mad scientist and whore left her den. I shot them scathing looks before sitting across a table from Killian.

He smiled brightly again, "is that so, I find I enjoy your company the more I take in the words that slide from your serpents tongue."

I graced him with a blank look, "I would enjoy a drink of honeyed mead and a quick shot of whisky."

He grinned devilishly, "I think I would enjoy the same dear, would you like some food as well."


"Very well."

I drank as a pretty young girl doted over Mr. Blythe, batting her large doe eyes and pushing her chest more toward him. 

She was dumber than a doornail poor thing didn't even know half of the words he spoke to her, I do believe all she knew was that she wanted him to see her knickers and her flesh in the bare. 

I watched the two for a moment, at first he had expressed interest to mate as well but now he seemed detached from the idea. 


I looked to the woman, "a piece of advice for you little bird."

She seemed to notice me for the first time, face growing pale, "Your that prostitute who lives in that creepy shop."

I waved her off, "yes yes I have participated in the bedding and mating the opposite sex many a nights apparently so take advice from a seasoned whore and learn how to keep the attention of scoundrels such as Mr. Blythe so they would wish to mate with you as well."

She blinked, "Mate?.."

"Sexual intercours my dear..First off, your bodice does not show off your bosom in the most flattering way, it needs to be tighter in the bottoms of your breasts not the very top to give it that press and lift that tends to attract the male attention. Men are attracted to a woman bosom because of the softness of the flesh and a primal instinct that ticks off their need to mate and bear children, a good set of breasts, that a plump yet firm will indeed set of that need and desire to mate. Next is the waist, is it is too cinched men will know it not a natural figure, I imagine the gentle curves are more attractive since men want a nurturing woman for child in their primal urges. Sharp edges do not speak of a tender loving wife and mother, while a softer curve does. Next is the hips, dearie you must always accentuate your hips if you want a man to bed you, they are the most arousing thing in primal instincts, a good set of hips for childbirth attracts men."

She blinked again, "What?"

"And a decent knowledge of the english language may help as well. off with you, you ninny."

Killian's shoulders shook with silent laugher as she scurried off, "I did not know you to be such an expert on the act of mating Gizmo."

I shot him a strange look, "Well Mr. Blythe there is a science to it and I find sexual intercourse to be a fascinating subject, the urges are very natural I do not see why women try to hide them, we all become randy from time to time, perfectly natural to sate those urges wether it be with another or alone with very fascinating book written by very scandalous people."

He rested his chin on his hand, "Fascinating. You are a fascinating woman."

I waved him off, "on the contrary Mr. Blythe, I am a logical one."

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