Dont Tell Nobody

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Yn pov.

Lucas : Lets just keep it onna low .

Me : Um .. Okay *sounding disappointed*

He was telling me that we should keep our relationship onna low. . . This is strange because Lucas wanted to he open about our relationship just a few weeks ago.

The next day...

Lucas kept missing my calls & I dont know why , so I went to his place.

I knocked onna door.

Me : Why tf arent you answering my calls ? You probably got another bitch in there! You know what fuck it, I shouldnt even have waisted my time.

Lucas : Naah , baby you know your my all ! I was inna bathroom when I missed your call . Come here , gimme a kiss , sorry you felt that way.

I gave him a kiss and he hugged me.

Me : no im sorry .. I shouldnt of been assuming shit ..

Lucas : It's ok baby ..

Me : ill go ..

Lucas : See you later

2 months later

I got signed to a record deal !!!
I told Lucas the news and all of a sudden he wants to be open about this " relationship " he keeps making videos with me in them and posting them up on Instagram.

Me : Um Lucas ?

Lucas : Yes babe ?

Me : Im going to the studio tomorrow , im making my first song with Jeremih. Wanna come ?

Lucas : Yes !! What time ?

Me : 11:30 ?

Lucas : ill be ready by then.

The next day ...

I walked out my car to the studio with Lucas and paparazzi were all over. Lucas kept trying to grab my hand to guide me through but I snatched my hand back. He turned around and looked at me with and angry expression. I rolled my eyes and walked through. Jeremih did his part and walked out he introduced himself to Lucas and he gave me a hug. I walked in and did the second verse to my song only because I didnt get my first verse together.

Lucas watched my every move.

The song

I'm sick of this keep it on the DL shit

You say you with the bros when you out with a bitch

You say you at the crib when you leaving her place

I pull up to your crib then you lie to my face

He like "baby you my all and all, I was in the bathroom when I missed your call"

No you was in the backseat sweating like a athlete doing everything that you said you wouldn't

But I ain't gone trip on a weak ass nigga

I'm a just find me a nigga much bigger

I'm a just do the same shit that you do when I'm not up in the room

Yeah baby let's think

I'm a text brian facetime ryan call up
keenan tell him I need him

Niggas ain't loyal, and I knew from the jump when you showed me
The ropes that I wouldn't never have trust for you

You creepin
I'm leavin
You call me
I pick up
I hang up
You text me
Let's link up
And I just say fuck it

Then we up fucking and you start up something I said I was done with

Then it all repeats in the next 2 weeks I'll be back on the same I'm done shit

If they only knew that I'd rather be loose

Man I'm tempted but I ain't gone

Tell nobody

I walked out with a devilish smirk on my face and Lucas was pissed tf off.

Me : Did you like it babe ? *Smirking while sitting on his lap*

He got up making me get up & he walked out.

Jeremih : *Shocked* So .. Like ... that was about him ?

Me : *Giggles* Yes silly !

Jeremih : He seems pretty mad. So can you like .. Umm put ya number in my phone so I can like check up on you later. Just incase something crazy happens.

I giggled at how nervous he sounded and I gave him my number and left.

Qotd: Are you cuffed or single ?

Im FINALLY! Cuffed yall ❤. 10|23|15. . . im cheating tho ... On myself. I decided to cuff myself May 4th 2015 & now im dating someone else. I haven't broken up with myself tho ... Im soo weird yall .. Why do yall even still read my books lmaoo!

But yall should follow me ☺☺☺☺Lovee yaall #Kaylaa

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