My Secret

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Wizzy: Just want to let you know I'm planning on switching POV every chapter. Senri, Oikawa, Senri, Oikawa... and so on. At one point though I may do Suga's POV for one chapter. (But I can't say why or it'll spoil the story.) Anyway, all comments are appreciated.

As she walked away from me, all I could do was stare at her. My mouth hung open slightly. I tried to stay calm, but inside, part of me was panicking. How had she known what I'd said was a lie? Even better, why would she care if I were lying to the others?

It was painfully obvious that she disliked me. Sure, we may have been friends once, but we were just kids then. She'd been so different then... kind and gentle... Not like this cold girl that was walking away from me.

She didn't see me watching her walk away. Why had she changed so much? What could have turned such a warm and kind heart so cold? I failed to see how anything could have done it without me hearing about it.

She also didn't see a volleyball that was flying right at her. Not even thinking about it, I rushed forward to pull her out of the way. What I didn't realize was that I'd called out to her as well, plus I had misjudged how fast the ball was.

Just as she'd turned around, the ball slammed into the back of my head. The impact forced me to fall forward onto her, my jaw colliding with hers as we hit the floor. Had it not been for the slight pain in my jaw and the wide eyed look on her face, I may not have even realized that we'd accidentally kissed.

My instant reaction was panic. No doubt she was going to murder me. Senri never let anyone get away with stupid stunts like this. She had a low tolerance for stupidity and was the type who wouldn't hesitate to hurt a guy. I, Toru Oikawa, was a dead man.

Her reaction, however, was a bit unexpected. She didn't hit me or even threaten me. She did give me a glare though. "You and I are going to have a little discussion after practice," she hissed at me before running off.

Picking myself up off the floor, I watched her go. Something was off, I could tell. Any other time she would have beaten me up so badly that Iwa-chan's punches would feel like a tickle compared to it. Okay, maybe that was a slight overstatement. But even so, she didn't get her reputation as heartless for merely insulting or glaring at people. Senri wasn't afraid to hurt you if she thought you deserved it.

So then why didn't she just get it over with right then? It's not like she was afraid of the team. If anything they were afraid of her. Why put it off? Even better question, why could she tell that I was lying when no one else could?

It was all so confusing. The more I thought about it the more frustrating it became. No matter how I thought about it, it just didn't make any sense.

All throughout practice, it stayed on my mind. It was almost like it was there just to taunt me, make me lose focus. I couldn't stand it. After a few messed up tosses and serves and... well, everything else... Iwa-chan could tell something was wrong. Of course, his way of fixing it was the same as ever: an insult and a fist to my head.

Though unlike usual, it didn't have much of an effect. "It doesn't make any sense..." I mumbled only loud enough for Iwa-chan to hear. "Any other time she wouldn't have hesitated, but why would she put it off like that?"

Iwa-chan only hit me again. "Did you ever think that it was only to get into your head? She's just trying to make you torture yourself. Now snap out of it and forget about it until after practice!" He then hit me once more.

That really did help, but my other teammates weren't exactly letting me forget about it. For the rest of practice all I kept hearing were "it was nice knowing you," "I'll tell your family you love them," and "I'll see you at your funeral."

It was a bit annoying, but at the same time a bit frightening. Senri wouldn't actually kill me, would she?

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