Part 12 😍

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So its been about 5 months later ( i know i'm probably annoying you with Time skips but anywayz)
You were close to your birth date for the baby. Donnie had the pleasure of giving you a sonogram. For some odd reason prices everywhere were seriously rising up. And that wasn't helpful at all and you couldn't get a job anywhere. You tried literally everything except for prostitution of course. Raph was still on his paranoid side when it came time for you to go up top for shopping. Especially since Christmas is coming. It annoyed the hell out of you still but you've learn to look passed it. Right now at this very moment. You were on the couch eating chocolate like crazy. Raph was out on Patrol with everyone else. You were having labor pains again but you ignored them like any other. You were having back pains, boob pains, leg pains and more :/ You decided to get up and make dinner for your beloved Turtle. You were extremely fatigued but you always wanted to give. you were such a giver. You finally finished making dinner and put the last pot in the rack of washed dishes and just in time too. Raph and the others just got home. Raph walked into the kitchen area. "Hey babe." He greeted as he hugged you from behind and rubbed your belly softly. "Hey Handsome. Whats up?" "Not much. (his eyes trailed over to the table.) Whats all this then?" He said in his low sexy voice. "Well i figured a nice homemade dinner will make your tummy all happy" you giggled. He smiled at you with content and kissed your forehead. He walked over to the table and picked at Apple Smoked Baby Back ribs. You sat down on the other side of the table and watched as the hungry turtle devoured his meal. He looked at you as he wiped his face with his wrist and asked "aren't you gonna have any?" with a half-full mouth. You smiled and answered "Nah i made this all for you." His eyes widened "You expect me to eat all this?!" He teased. You laughed out loud. "Hey since we know its a girl. wanna pick any particular name?" you asked curious of his answer. He ate in silence but his eyes were thinking. "I like Piper, and Angelica." He answered. You liked his name choices. "I like those names!" you said enthusiastically. You pulled out a piece of paper with literally 200 names on it. He coughed on his food. "Wh-whats that?" He asked a little worried that it could be a huge list of names. "Its a list of names." you smiled. He coughed again. "Hey you ok dude?" you asked. "Yea, no i'm fine. How about you just tell me your top favorite ones." he told you. "Mk; ..( you flipped the paper over to the back) iiiiii llliiikkeee Oh here it is. I like the names Rosemary, Viola, Magnolia and because of the whole renaissance names here of your brothers if kinda got me in the mood for that kind of name sooo i found this one. This is my absolute favorite...Alessandra. He nodded his head in approval; his eyes closed and him chewing his food still and spoke "I like it." "really?!" You asked excited. He kept on nodding. "yup." As he chewed. "Ill be right back." you said as you got up to leave the table and headed to the bathroom. But you accident bumped into Leo as he opened the door from leaving the bathroom. "Oh hey Leo :D" you smiled. "hey shortStack. Whats up." "Not much, i wanna use dah potty doh." you pointed. "mmm sorry cant let you do that shorty." He said casually as he leaned on the doorway. "Wha! Why not." you fussed childishly stomping your right foot on the ground. He chuckled. He got up and patted your head and left for the dojo. You locked the door behind you. Went potty. Washed your hands and while you looked at yourself in the mirror you looked pale. Really Pale. It really made your eye color pop. You were surprised Raph didn't mention pale-ness. Maybe it's because he thought it would insult you or something. leo's pov. Gosh she is so cute when she acts like a child. I try to not let it bug me but i absolutely adore her. Shes so kind, cute, and an awesome cook. She's really gotten the hand in cooking. I looked over to see that Y/N made Raphael some kind of dinner. Lucky Bastard. No,no,no I shouldnt think this way. its wrong! But i do wish that was me eating her food. I wish i was gonna be the father to her Child. I didnt realize I had stood in the dojo for 20 minutes thinking of them. Its just so upsetting, infuriating, annoying that she isnt MINE. I want her all to myself. All to me and only me. But that's obviously not gonna happen. I decided to train and try to use that to tire myself out and relax me. Raph's Pov. I carried Y/N to my room and laid her under the covers of my bed and she snuggled right on in on her own. I took my gear off and snuggled right on in with her. I had my plastron against her soft back and i laid my arm on her side; from her hip to her neck. She was so warm, like a heating pad. I felt her body shake, not like a seizure but something else. I heard noises come from her. I think she's crying. I turn her over and held her like a baby as i sat up against my headboard. "Whats wrong baby?" Raph asked seriously concerned and his eyes soft. "I-I'm in so m-much pain Raph. I dont know how much more of this i can t-take." She shaked and so was her voice. Her hands were Vibrating. And she closed her eyes. And the way she did it, it seemed unhealthy when she closed her eyes. "Y-Y/N? are you ok?" You didn't answer nor move. The shaking stopped. You were limp in his arms. Your pov. Raph looked at me so sweetly and scared. I thought i'd never see that face on him. My vision along with my hearing became blurry and without power to gain control of my body i lost consciousness. You woke up in bed. Raph's bed. I slowly pulled myself up and tried to stand on the hard stone flooring. You stumbled a bit but you got up on your feet and started to walk to the bathroom. You got to the bathroom and went potty. You washed your face with some soap and water. Rubbed your face dry with a face cloth and as it slid down your face you look at your belly which was almost gone!! You started to panic. You didnt know what this meant! you heard voices through the door. You opened the door and looked around to see them just stare at you. You felt like closing the door cause the way they stared at you made you feel like you did something wrong. Raph's eyes were really wide and looked like they were gonna cry; but he didnt. No ones Pov. He just Fast walked over to you and picked you up in his arms and squeezed you. He was so happy to see you alive and here. He was acting like you fell off a cliff. "R-raph. sweetie. W-whats going on?" you managed to say as he squeezed the breath out of you. "You were unconscious for 3 weeks." He explained as he put you down. "3 WEEKS!? then what happened to my baby?!!" you asked serious and mad. Raph couldn't answer you. nor did anyone else. "Well??!!" you were more tempermental. Donnie walked up to you. He Kneeled down to you and answered. "I know how important the baby was to you..whhhicch makes this all the more harder to say." You looked at him terrified then looked at raph then back at Donnie. Donnie put his hands on your shoulders and said "Your baby didnt make it. It lacked nutrition fast and was dying. By time i cut it out of you, It was to late." Tears formed in your eyes. "WHY WAS I OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE?!" You screamed at everyone in general. Mikey hid behind Leo. Donnie spoke again. "Apparently your body wasnt exactly ready to handle a baby and the pain made the body go into a hibernation state of healing but it wasnt able to support the baby. Im really really really sorry." You could see he was. tears were also forming in his eyes as he explained. you breathed in and said "Its Fine...Excuse me." you said very cool and calm. Which surprised everyone given your current state Emotionally, physically and mentally. You walked away from everyone and sat on the couch. You just sat their staring at the wall and not wanting to take your attention away from it. Your eyes would mist but you'd blink them away. About 5 hours later you still sat their. You SEEMED emotionless, to feel nothing but you were feeling everything hit you all at once. Raph and everyone just would stare at you from afar at times to see if you were even breathing. the only motion you did was blink and breath. It was dinner time and they were all eating, Leo and Mikey invited you separately at different times. Raph in the middle of his eating finally decided to come up to you. He was actually afraid to talk to you all day. He was afraid you'd lash, you'd cry or you'd hate him for some reason. He stood next to you. "Y/N?" He sat down next to you and embraced you in his arms. "I failed." you said coldly. "What?" You looked at him with your pale skin and your purplish lips from being malnourished. "I failed." you said straight to his face. "I wasn't even a mother yet and i failed." you said as you looked back at the wall. He has NO IDEA what to even say to something like that. All he could do was use body language so he turned you to face him and you were kissed on the lips by your one true love Raphael. He then hugged you comfortably and all warm like. "I love you, Y/N." You started to have tears fall from your eyes. You kissed him and said "I love you too Raphael." he carried you to his room and layed you on the bed. "I'll go get you something to eat." But something stopped him. It was you, you grabbed onto his wrist. You shook your head and said "No." "No?" He asked as he sat down on his bed. "I dont want food.." "Then what would you like? Backrub? umm idk." "You." you simply put. He was surprised but he wanted you too. He couldn't Do you for months because of the baby. But Now he can. He smiled and walked around the bed to the other side and took his gear off and slid into bed with you. He put his left arm under your head and his right hand cupped your face while he explored your mouth with his tongue. His thumb stroked your cheek and then he took his hand off your face and slid his hand from your neck; over over breasts like hills then he slid his hand across your flat stomach and then down to your thigh and back up to your pelvis area and pumped his finger in and out of your womanhood. You moaned and you decided to stroke his cock up and down slowly as it grew. You pulled away from his kiss and went down to his dick and started to slide your tongue from his face up to the tip and sucked on the tip of his cock. And started to deepthroat it. You looked up to see his eyes were rolling to the back of his head. Your eyes grew more lustful for him and you doing this action made you feel really sexy so you forced some more of his dick into your throat and caused him to moan in his low sexy tone. It really turned you on. You then sat on his cock as a surprise for him. Your hot steamy tight walls squeezed his dick nice and tight. It made him sink into the bed as you moved up and down on it. You then got all of it inside of you. He took your body and put it underneath of him as he moved from side to side with his pelvis and his fat dick inside of you; which made you almost scream with pleasure. But you covered your mouth with stuffing the corner of his bed sheets in your mouth. You took them out and as soon as you did he smashed his mouth into yours as he really picked up speed to the point where he was ramming you. It felt so good. oh so very good. He hands were feeling every inch of your soft skin; he reached up to your breasts where your nipples were hard. He sucked on one as the other was being played with his two fingers. He turned you over to where you were on all fours and he was really really enjoying himself now. He was taking his dick and slamming into you and then pulling it out and slamming it into you. A repetitive pattern. "Omg.Omg.Omg. This feels so good! Ugh Ram me Raph RAM ME! you screamed. And he did just that. With all that force he felt like he broke you. But he didn't. He then came all over that one oversized shirt on the ground that belongs to you. You collapsed on his bed naked and started to fall asleep. He laid against you and he fell asleep alongside you.

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