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Teen Careers For All Ages by Plasticbox
To give some more career options for adult Sims in the early Eras.
No More Culling by Dark Gaia
To avoid the ghosts of family members being removed, allowing the related Modern Day goal to be properly completed.
Nature Calls Wild Grass Toilet by LadyCadaver
To give Prehistoric Sims a place to do their business.
Notebook by Plasticbox
To give Early Civilization Sims a way to write books before the invention of the computer.
Typewriter by Ozyman
To give Old West Sims a way to write books and do career-related activities before the invention of the computer.
Empty Worlds by One Billion Pixels (recommended by @ewright9)
Only download this if you do not want to manually delete all lots and households during the setup phase. DON'T FORGET TO MAKE BACKUPS!
No More Autonomous Phone Actions by SimsProductions (recommended by @ewright9)
Stops Sims from constantly using their phones on their own. Not necessary if you play with autonomy off, obviously.
SupeSpeed Mod by Artum (recommended by @ewright9)
Use this to manually activate super-speed in case it doesn't automatically get activated when Sims go to sleep.

The No More Culling mod is a script mod, and so it is important that it is installed correctly. Make sure that you place the .zip file directly in your mods folder (not in a subfolder), without unzipping it. You must also allow script mods in the game options.

To play this challenge as intended, you will need the Outdoor Retreat Game Pack, as it contains a number of items and gameplay mechanics that are necessary for the Prehistoric Era. Other EPs/GPs/SPs are not required, but you can use them if you wish. I have added special, optional rules for them, and those rules are colour coded so that you can easily see and disregard rules that relate to an EP/GP/SP that you don't have. The EP/GP/SP colour coding is as follows:
Outdoor Retreat
Get To Work
Luxury Party Stuff
Perfect Patio Stuff
Spa Day
Cool Kitchen Stuff
Spooky Stuff

The following rules apply to the entire challenge, but may have exceptions during a specific Era, if the rules of that Era explicitly say so.
All traits and aspirations, except for those of your Ancestors, must be decided randomly, using whatever method you prefer. I personally recommend using CreateARandomSim, as it allows you to easily select which traits and aspirations should be considered for randomization.
A Sim's aspiration may never be changed, not even once it is completed. The only exception to this rule is if a Sim has an aspiration that is not allowed for the current Era, in which case you must change it to an allowed aspiration, chosen at random.
Your challenge household may not move to a different lot during the challenge, and you may not play any households other than your challenge household. Your Sims may travel freely within the challenge World, and may travel to other Worlds if required by a challenge goal or an aspiration.
Sims may be moved out of the household at any time, but moved-out Sims may never be moved back in. Sims that have moved out may also no longer contribute to any goals, but any contributions they made before moving out still count.
Only spouses/mates may be moved into the household, but they may not bring in any money. To prevent this, make sure that they are not the only member of a household before moving them in, or use the money cheat to remove any money they may bring in. Moved-in spouses/mates may contribute to goals.
The Lifespan setting must be set to "normal".
Sims may not be aged up manually except for when it actually is their birthday.
Items that modify a Sim's age (except for the Birthday Cake), or resurrect dead Sims, may never be used. Sims are allowed to Plead with the Reaper to save a dying Sim, but they may not use a Death Flower to guarantee success.
Cowplants may be grown, but not sold. Cow Berries may be sold, however. If you want to get rid of a grown cowplant, simply place it in your family inventory. Additionally, you may milk cowplants, but if you do, you must immediately sell the received Essence.
Reward Potions, like the Instant Fun, Happy Potion, and Moodlet Solver potions may not be purchased or used until you have reached the Middle Ages. Potions of Youth are still forbidden, however.
Cheats may not be used, except for getting out of glitched/bugged situations, or when you are explicitly told to use a cheat.
EXCEPTIONS: moveobjects may be freely used for aesthetic purposes, and buydebug may be used to add ponds to community lots.
Fishing in the hidden areas (Sylvan Glades, Forgotten Grotto, etc) may only be done by Sims that have reached level 10 in the Fishing skill.
The different Eras have lists of what objects/furniture may be used during that Era, and they append to the objects allowed for the previous Era. For example, during the Middle Ages, you may use all objects that are allowed for the Middle Ages, Early Civilization, and The Prehistoric Times. However, to try and avoid walls of text in the rules, I have only listed objects that have some special functionality. For items not specifically allowed for an Era, the general rule is to use it only if it makes sense for that Era, but if you are unsure, it's always safe to just not use any items that aren't specifically allowed. Some community lots might however require objects that are not yet allowed for the current Era. In such cases, just place the objects in a room/basement without an entrance, so that Sims cannot get to them.
Sims are allowed to craft anything they can on the woodworking table, and objects they craft may be used even if that type of object would normally not be allowed in the Era-specific rules.
The "Copy" option on crafted items (Paintings, woodwork, etc) may not be used. If you want two crafted chairs, you'll have to craft two chairs.
Ghost Sims, except for the ghosts of your Ancestors, may be moved into the household, and they may contribute to goals if they were eligible to contribute to goals while they were alive. However, only one Ghost Sim may be moved in per Era, and a moved in Ghost Sim must be Released to the Netherworld when you progress to the next Era.
Instead of storing all of your urns/graves on your challenge lot, you may create a Generic community lot to act as a dedicated challenge graveyard.
Alien Sims may not join the household until the Roaring Twenties. If a Sim should happen to be abducted and made pregnant before this, you must either terminate the pregnancy using a mod or cheat, or send the baby to its homeworld as soon as it is born.
Crafted items sold in a personal store may not be restocked using the restock option, they must be re-crafted by a Sim in the household in order to be sold again.

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