Chapter 1. {You my toy}

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The wind blew between the trees of Gravity falls forest.It was a cold winter day,all the leaves were already fallen down and it was ice cold.But still Dipper walked along the trail with his diary in the right hand and a thick jacket.He still was freezing a lot but at least out here nobody would interrupt him while reading.
He sat down under a old but very tall tree and opened the book.Before Dipper even could read the first page he shivers,someone was watching him!
But who?
Suddenly he felt a warm hand on his shoulder,he turned around and screamed when he watched into the yellow eye.
"Well well well Pine tree did you missed me~?"
With a bitter sweet voice the dream demon landed in front of the little boy and grins at him.
"B-Bill Cipher!But since when are you a human?!How is that even possible???"
Dipper was totally confused about the form Bill had turned into:
Normaly the demon was a yellow triangle with one eye and a hat and a cane...but now there was standing a tall young man in front of him.
The man was wearing fancy clothes and an eyepatch,while swinging a cane in his hands.
But this was Bill!
And Dipper had to admit that he looked quite...good?Or even..attractive?!
"Ow Kid~you seem to like this form a lot!"
"I do not!And-did you just read my mind?!"
"Mmh no~it's simple to see !"
Bill tipped at the boy's checks.
They were in a pure red color...
"It's just very hot out here!"
"Pfft haha pine tree pine tree~it's everything but not hot out here!"
"Pine tree" kept quite,he was thinking...
But then he finally found his voice.
"What do you even want Bill???"
"Oh~I want you pine tree~"
Dipper looked shocked at the dream demon.Would he use him as a puppet again?!He was slightly shacking.
"Aw ssh kid~You only will be my toy~don't worry you won't die!"
The young boy's skin color turned very pale nearly white.
"I'm not your toy Bill!!!!"
Bill's eye turned fire red for just a second which made Dipper shiver again.
"Ow pine tree you will be my toy!"

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