Congratulations you're a father

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The duo sat silently in Remus' living room for the better part of the day neither knowing what to say to the other. His house was nothing like her mother's it wasn't crowded with uncomfortable fabrics and expensive baubles. Remus had a fat brown couch a soft fleece blanket lay over the back and four plush pillows sat at the ends, they were well worn as if he frequently opted to sleep on his couch rather than in his room. It didn't smell toxic like her mother's either Gena's house smelled of too much perfume and alcohol while Remus' smelled clean like fresh air and books, Caelen loved it instantly.

Remus watched the girl take in his living room, her cocoa untouched on his old coffee table next to the book he'd been reading yesterday. He realized he'd been sitting staring at her for nearly an hour when she started to blink rapidly fighting to stay awake.

"Are you hungry?" He questioned gently making the girl jump as if she'd forgotten he was there.

Caelen eyed him nervously asking for things never ended well for her and she wasn't hungry enough to chance a beating, "no," she whispered before her stomach let out an angry growl betraying her lie.

Remus couldn't quite contain his chuckle and he raised his eyebrow as if to ask if she was sure of that, "why don't you try to eat something for me I'll feel weird eating in front of you." He said laughing gently.

Caelen blushed, "you would?" She asked confusing him.

"Would what?"

"You'd feel weird eating without me?" The idea puzzled Caelen why would he feel weird it's his food? Her mother seemed to enjoy eating alone...

Remus sighed it didn't take a genius to realize the girl hadn't been fed properly, "it would be cruel of me to eat without feeding you." He whispered sadly.

Caelen didn't respond she gingerly followed behind Remus back to the kitchen.

"How's macaroni and cheese sound? Kids like that stuff right?" Remus asked her as he began filling a pan with water.

"I don't care," the girl mumbled shrugging.

Remus noticed her wince as she shuffled towards a chair near the table, "Caelen are you hurt?" He questioned gently kneeling before her once again. The girl started to shake her head in denial, "you can tell me if you need something since I'm your," he swallowed nervously, "your dad; I'm meant to look out for you, I want to help."

Matching sets of brown eyes met as she studied him hesitantly, Remus knew she was deciding wether or not to trust him and he looked back hoping she'd find something reassuring in his eyes. Instead she shocked him to his core, "are you a monster? L-like she said you were?" The girl whispered effectively breaking his heart.

Remus sat back on his heels with a heavy sigh, how could he respond to that? If he told her no it would be a lie he was a werewolf he'd be a werewolf in a matter of hours in fact, he realized as he eyed the afternoon sun through his window, but if he said yes she'd be scared.

Little did he know yes was the answer she longed to hear if he was a monster too maybe he'd understand, maybe he wouldn't hate her?

"I umm well..." Remus rubbed the back of his neck nervously finally deciding to tell her, she needed to know by that evening anyway, "well you see little one, I'm a werewolf so yeah some people think I'm a monster..."

He expected her to look scared or maybe scream? He didn't expect the relieved smile that crossed her face at his statement. "I hurt myself running away from m-mother." She admitted quietly as if she hadn't just asked if he were a monster. She held her little hands out palms up to show him the raw skin her clenched fists had been concealing.

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