Sailor Moon vs. Cardcaptor Sakura

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This isn't technically a rant, per say. Well, read on and you can decide for yourself. And I feel like Mako's reaction fits this rant. XD

Ah, Sailor Moon. The anime that introduced small kids to the world of anime. Unfortunately (for me that, is) the dub is shit. Then again, that's how I feel about the dubbing for Cardcaptor Sakura and majority of the dubbing in the 90's (the dubbing for Ranma 1/2 is really good for an 90's anime though.)

Like honestly, in the 1990's, whenever anime got transferred to Western audiences, it was all censorship, such as changing dialogue, editing heavily on some scenes, americanizing the names, you name it. And I'm letting Pokemon off the hook because of it becoming a mass success, the dubbing was decent, and there wasn't any censorship other than the name changing involved, at least, not that I know of at least. But the rest had literally no reason to. I know it was because of how things were back then but come on! The changes have to be within reason. Take Sailor Moon (or Pretty Solider Sailor Moon in Japan) for an example. Making Haruka and Michiru cousins was more creepy and incestuous than two girls in a freaking relationship. GET IT TOGETHER PAST AMERICA

And when you compare which got the worst treatment, it is without a doubt, Cardcaptor Sakura. No, like seriously, that dub is the ULTIMATE reason why I hated dubs. Until I was forced to watch Ouran in the dub. And I liked it. Then I saw the Kuroshitsuji dub. Hated Ciel in the dub. Fairy Tail came along. The only voices in the dub I hated was Happy, Wendy and Carla. And to an extent, Lucy, cause her voice was way too squeaky. The best dub so far was Fullmetal Alchemist. Vic Mignogna absolutely slays the role of Ed. Travis Willingham was perfect for Mustang. The bloopers (in the dubbing) were hilarious. There was an overall passion that I saw with the Fullmetal Alchemist dubs that I did not see with others. XD

Either way, if anyone got my status update on my profile, you'll know that I binged watched Sailor Moon and finished the entire series (well, the old one) within two weeks. And I swear to god, if anyone tells me to watch Sailor Moon Crystal, I'll laugh in your face. Like seriously, IT COULD HAVE BEEN A BETTER RETELLING OF THE EFFING STORY. AND THE ANIMATION. HOLY SHIT ITS BAD. The only good point I see with it is the music being done by Yasuharu Takanashi, who also did Naruto and still does Fairy Tail.

Back to what I was saying, I vaguely remembered watching one episode in the dub when I was in fourth grade and that pretty much sparked it. I still say the Cardcaptor Sakura is the better shoujo anime/manga but they both have their good points. Sailor Moon was definitely more action packed than Cardcaptor Sakura, which was a much more quieter anime despite the fact that it had its share of action. The transformation sequences in Sailor Moon were a little too long for my taste. Cardcaptor Sakura literally laughed into the transformation trope's face and instead had her wear different outfits (as opposed to the same old one) that her best friend makes and records her in all of her magic and card capturing glory.

The relationships and friendships is one thing to note. It takes an entire series for Sakura and Shaoran to develop romantic feelings for each other. Usagi and Mamoru only had literally one entire season. Tbh, I do enjoy those types of stories where you see the relationship develop as opposed to feelings and while I get that it was because of the fact that they were old lovers from another life reincarnated into the 21st century and I still do ship those two but....come on, what's one season vs. an entire series? I may be nitpicking, but think about it, there is bit of a huge difference.

And on a side note: The manga portrays Usagi and Mamoru's relationship so much better than the original anime does tbh.

Sailor Moon was a bit too formulaic with the episodes, whereas Cardcaptor Sakura despite being the same, sometimes mixed it up and focused completely on relationships, both platonic, romantic and familial to a certain degree that when a card did attack or cause trouble, it was kinda surprising because you were so involved with the relationship development you completely forgot that they needed to capture a card in the episode. In fact, it was kind of like something normal that they needed to get rid off, like a flea.




Now I got that out of my chest, let's continue:

Also, Toya Kinomoto WASN'T A TOTAL DICK TO SAKURA. I'm serious when I say that he had that chance since he was freaking older but other than teasingly calling Sakura a monster, he really cared about her to the point where he could tell when his little sister could be in danger and took jobs where ever he could to be near her. But literally, starting from season 2 of Sailor Moon, I was starting to dislike Shingo because half of the time, you don't see him not insulting Usagi on some level. Shingo is the younger brother of Usagi. There was hardly any development between Usagi and him with the exception of four to five episodes max of the entire effing series. You do the math.

And Chibiusa. I'm sorry, I tried to like her. But I heard that her manga version matures quite considerably so I'll try again, because I did like her relationship with Pegasus (those of you who actually watched season four, aka SuperS, know what I mean by this. XD)

And Chibi-Chibi. THIS GIRL WAS DOWNRIGHT ADORABLE. I adored her relationship with Usagi from the start. And hey, she wasn't the typical bratty toddler.

Also, I may give the dub a second chance. Why? Cause apparently, Viz Media is redubbing the entire series and I saw the clips of them. They aren't half bad. NO MORE CENSORSHIP YAYYY

That being said, Sailor Moon does get points for having an epic plot and being revolutionary in the shoujo genre. You do care about the characters enough, so that's another few. All in all, it's a good series.

Well, there's that rant. On a completely unrelated note: at my college, they have an anime and comic club. Guess what we're watching: Tokyo Ghoul and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I heard that Madoka gets dark quick so let's see if it trumps Cardcaptor Sakura. From watching the first two episodes, it definitely trumps Sailor Moon. XD

So what are your favorite nostalgic anime and cartoons from you childhoods? (Other than Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z XDXD)

Vote if you think that Travis Willingham is perfection as Mustang (or if you simply agree with most of what I'm saying in this rant). I seriously can't be the only person. Until then, sayonara! :D

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