Speak to Me

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  • Dedicated to Derek and Julia Orviy

This is my first ever poem and it's dedicated to my cousin who was born mute and has finally found a man who was willing to look past it and love her. I'm reading this at their wedding, so I need all the help I can get! Don't be afraid to leave harsh comments! I can take it!

" Even though she is mute, she carries a a silent personality that I love. I'm lucky that no one noticed it before me, or I wouldn't have this beautiful woman standing with me today."-Quote, her fiancé(:


I look up from the moving electric green grass

into the azure blue sky and notice as time freezes.

Like in a movie, I am the only one there.

I grip the grass as I admire the soft, yet sharp, blades

as they dance between my fingers.

I close my eyes telling myself,

"This is only a dream."

And then I slowly reopen my eyes,

my heart swelling when I see

you are laying there right next to me.

You are the only boy

who has broken through my fortified walls.

You do not think of me like a quiet aberration,

even though everyone else does.

You think I am your quiet world.

Is it your soft, untamed, russet colored bed head hair,

or is it your almond-shaped,indulgent royal blue eyes

that draw me,oh,so close to you?

Is it your heart-shaped,glowing tan face?

Maybe it's your soft, smooth, smiling lips.

But I know its none of those things.

It's the way you speak to me.

Valiant, audacious, and filled with love.

The only boy who has announced

that he is the one for me.

But we must go now,

before our parents find us here.

I turn to you and raise my hands,

not to kiss you, but, to sign,

"Goodbye, I love you."

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