Chapter 1

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Finalizing the Agreement (Chapter 1)

            Blake and my bodies are snuggled together. I still felt scared to return to the house, I now co-own, that carries that problems of our love. My fear was making me stay in my mother’s house with her until I finally feel the fear lessen and tell me I am ready to go back home.

            “Are you ready to come home yet?” He sounded desperate for my return.

            “No. I told you I wasn’t, so stop asking.”

            “Don’t you love me?”

            “Yes I love you. I love you so much, but I can’t go back to that house yet. I hope you understand.”

            “Sometimes I wonder why I keep pining for you,” he muttered. My mind was shattered and I was broken.

            “Maybe we should break up, forever. You don’t understand how I feel, and I can’t grant you what you want, yet, and I want to be understood.” I pulled away to the other side of the bed. “You keep asking me to move back in, but you don’t understand. I keep remembering those bad times when I was there, every time you broke my heart. I remember when you forgot who I was and kicked me out. It hurt so much that I almost died.”

            “I didn’t mean what I said, but it is hard sometimes when I lay in bed at home and you aren’t there to comfort me. I lay in bed with Rex and…”

            “Woah, woah, woah. Who is this gigolo that your sleeping with. I want to meet this…this little bastard who’s hacking up with my man.” I slid off the bed and was headed off the bed until Blake pulled be back onto the bed, onto him.

            “Even though we get into a fight, about to break up you go into action and kick ass for me.”

            “Oh, hell no. It ain’t for you. This was for me. Nobody take my man away from me until I say so. You. Are. Mine. Do you understand? I am never letting you go until I feel like it.”

            He smiled. I can’t believe he smiled. 

            “Tell me who this man whore is and I’ll beat him up.”

            “He is your gift if you come home.” What the hell is this idiot thinking. I gave him a blank face.

            “I’m going to come home alright and I will beat the hell out of this slut that you’ve been sleeping with.”

            “Don’t beat him up. I got him from a shelter.”

            “You got him from a homeless shelter!” How much worse could this get. My man is sleeping with some pimp named Rex and he is acting all cool and stuff, well I ain’t acting cool.

            I am going to move back in and beat this bastard up.

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