♪ Chapter 2

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C H A P T E R 2

First day at camp was dramatic. Instead of it being a loving reunion with my best friends, it was an entertainment show for the rest of the campers. She of course started it.


"Are we there yet?" I whined for the fiftieth time.

"Does it look like we're there yet?" Kelly snapped in reply for the fiftieth time.

"All I see is tree's." I shrugged. We'd been driving for a couple of hours, and I was bored. Melissa had fallen asleep in the back seat, which I personally found impossible. I couldn't sleep in something moving.

"Why can't you be like Melissa and just fall asleep?" Kelly groaned.

"Because I'm awesome." I stared out the window, hoping to get a glimpse of some clue that would tell me we were close. We were surrounded by tree's and fields. Melissa stirred in the back seat, but still didn't waken. I groaned and lay back in my seat. Kelly had decided to drive us up, because she was going anyway. She was going to be working as the chef this summer, mostly just so she can be close to Chris. Whipped.

"I think we'll be around twenty minutes." Kelly muttered as she took in her surroundings.

"Seriously?" I straightened up and grinned. She nodded, "You better wake missus up."

I turned around in my seat, hoping to get a better view of Melissa who was still sound asleep, her head pressed against the window. "Mel." I whispered. "Wake up."

She didn't move. "Mel!" I repeated, louder. "Melissa!"

She jumped awake, her eyes wide and alarmed. "What happened? What, I didn't-" She stuttered looking around. "Jesus May! Don't do that!"

I was too busy laughing my head off to reply, Kelly was giggling in the front seat while Melissa glared at us. "You suck!"

I wiped the tears from my eyes, listening to Melissa mutter to himself. "Wait look at that." I gasped, jumping forward in my seat and pointing over the hill. There was a small glimpse of a wall in the distance.

The camp wall.

"We're here!" Melissa squealed.

A grin formed on my face, and I could feel my heart flutter in excitement. Kelly began to speed up, and drive up the lane towards camp. "We're here." I whispered. I anxiously waited for Kelly to hurry up and park the car. 

Once the car was stopped, I hopped out, followed by Melissa and sprinted to the 'welcome back' gate.

I glanced around the welcoming field. Usually it was the concert area, but it was transformed by sobbing and over dramatic family members, hyper kids, and decorations.

"May?" I heard Shannon cry. I grinned and ran to the girl beside the food table and wrapped my arms around her. She gripped me tight and squealed. "I missed you so much!"

I pulled back and looked her up and down. She was still as beautiful as always, her clothes were fashionable, her hair short and- "Your hair's pink!" Melissa exclaimed, racing forward, and reached her hand out to touch it.

"It's pink!" I repeated in amazement.

"Yeah.. It's pink." She smiled nervously, and ruffled it.

"I love it!" I cried. I was in awe, it was so weird and unlike Shannon, but it looked amazing. Shannon smiled at me and pulled Melissa and I back into a hug.

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