Chapter Nine

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Charlie was seated at the table with his brothers watching Fred and George taunt Percy about something when Tonks came running over and sat beside him quickly.

"What are you doing?" Charlie smiled but Tonks focus was on the twins.

"You two better run, Anora is on the war path for you."

"What did we do?" Fred said with a look of surprise.

Charlie saw Anora sneak up behind them and stand with her arms folded glaring at them.

"Oh boys!" she said causing them to jump. They quickly turned around while Percy smiled happily.

"Oh h-hey Anora." George greeted. "You look lovely this morning, did you do something with your hair?"

"Quiet." she said.

"What's going on?" Charlie asked.

"Why don't you ask these two." She said before tossing a letter over to Charlie. "I received this from my mother this morning and I'm sure you'll be getting one from your mother shortly."

Charlie furrowed his brow before looking down and reading the letter out loud.

"Dearest Anora,

How could you not tell your own mother about something this important? To find out from Molly, who found out from Fred and George, of all things, Anora. I thought we were closer than that. Did you think we all would be upset that you and Charlie are dating-"

"Dating?!" Charlie looked up at Anora who looked about ready to strangle the twins. He glared at Fred and George. "What did you two do?"

"We figured it out. What you two were hiding from everyone." Fred said triumphantly. "And then we wrote home to inform our lovely mother."

"That wasn't what we were keeping from them!" Anora cuffed Fred in the back of his head.

"Wait," George shielded his head from Anora. "So you two aren't dating then?"

"No!" the two said while Tonks grinned.


"So what's the secret you're hiding then?"

"We're not telling you that! Especially after this!" Anora said. "You know how awkward this is going to be to tell our parents now. Thank you very much, boys."

"Well, it's not just the parents you want to worry about..." George said.

The two coward back as Anora lowered herself to their eye levels. "Who else did you tell..." she growled.

"We might have told Lee...who told Angie, who-"

"That's it, I'm going to kill you two."

The twins jumped up to run out of the Great Hall from Anora leaving Tonks, Percy and Charlie to sit there.

Percy arose.

"Where are you going?" Charlie asked him.

"To go watch. I don't want to miss out on that." he said.

Charlie turned to Tonks who was still smiling.


"Hmm?" Tonks shook her head. "Oh nothing."




"Don't you dare Charles Weasley." 

"Then tell me, I know you too well to know that smile means something."

"I just think it's cute." Tonks said.

"You think it's cute that Anora is killing my brothers right now?"

"No, dingus, I think it's cute that your parents and Anora's parents were actually excited at the idea of you two together. It just shows that they've been waiting for this for a long time."

"Oh no they haven't Tonks."

"Yes they have! Everyone's been waiting. Me included."


"Oh come on, Charlie,  when are you going to open your eyes and realize that you are madly in love with Anora."

"Whoa whoa whoa....whoa." Charlie placed his hands up. "What are you-"

"It's obvious Charlie, the two of you. I  mean you're about to run off to Romania together, you guys do everything together."

"Anora's my best friend."

Tonks just stared at him blankly." And?"

Charlie didn't have a chance to respond when the family's owl swooped in and dropped a letter into his lap addressed from his mother.

He sighed before opening it.


As your mother I'm hurt that you wouldn't be the first to tell us that you and Anora are dating. Your father and I are thrilled at the news. We were wondering when it was going to happen but we figured it would be when you two left school, so you could all your focus into your studies.She's a great girl and her parents are excited as well. But to find out from Fred and George is unacceptable. 

Charlie placed the letter down with a frustrated sigh and  looked to Tonks and her giant smile that seemed to be growing wider by the second.

"I told you." Tonks said. "Everyone has been waiting for this."

"Well, what am I supposed to say to them? Apparently they've been waiting on this and now they're going to be upset when they find out George and Fred are total idiots." Charlie said dropping his head to the table.

"Maybe you don't have to tell them anything." Tonks told him.

He lifted his head up slightly. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, maybe you don't have to tell them that Fred and George made it up."


"Maybe you can just go with it." 

"Go with it? Tonks we're not dating."

"Not yet. But you could be. Everyone thinks you are already, why not give it a go?"

"Tonks, Anora is my best friend and I think we established that over the years that we are just meant to be friends. Anora never has brought up the idea of dating."

"But you've thought about it, haven't you?"

"W-w-well I-I-"

"So you have! Charlie Weasley, you have feelings for her."

"Tonks be quiet!"

"No way, you need to tell her. It'll make this even more romantic! You two get together and run off to Romania together and work with dragons...together. "

Charlie just gave her a flat look.

Tonks sighed. "The hopeless romantic in me is squealing."

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